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Westin Memorial City for a fabulous weekend

The Westin Memorial City is one of my favorite Houston Hotels for many reasons. For one, it is located in the Memorial City area, close to the malls and shopping attractions. The staff is extremely helpful and they make sure your stay is what you expected and more. The rooftop infinity pool on the 17th floor overlooking the city is breath taking. The seated areas in the pool area allows for us to walk and see the city in a 360 view. The rooms are spacious and have all amenities you need. The room I stayed at for my SL Day weekend in July was to die for! It was a huge suite, with a full kitchen, 2 bed rooms and I honestly felt spoiled the whole weekend that I didn't want to leave. They truly spoiled me for my blogs 8th anniversary. Family and friends who were in town to celebrate such a magical weekend loved the property and we were enjoyed the evening on the rooftop. Memories were made, thanks to the Westin. These are some of the photos of the property and from my stay. The delici…

Watch * The SpoiledLatina Show (show2)

Show 2 is in the books and I couldn't be more happier. My guests were Raquel Smith, who is a business woman, stylist to Beyonce and a motivational speaker. She drops a lot of knowledge and Joey Rodriguez from Joeys Juice Bar, who's trying to get me right and slim. 

Discovering my beautiful with Suave

The SpoiledLatina Show (episode 1)

I have always wanted my own show and since I am an entrepreneur,  I made it happen for myself. Super grateful for the opportunity to showcase my talents and interview people I admire and at the same time run, a fun, productive, informative show such as mine. I had a blast and looking forward to more amazing guests and convo. 
On the first episode I catch up with Joey Guerra and Joy Sewing who are 2 of my favorites of Houston. We laugh, pop champagne, and have a good ol time!
Thank you for all the support, please subscribe to my youtube channel!
Hope you like it!!

I'm a Reina Rebelde

If you have been visiting my IG page lately, you might have seen me rocking my fierce Moreton color lipstick by Reina Rebelde. Reina Rebelde is a new makeup line created for the todays mujer.  The exquisite and ambitious woman who embodies her powerful cultural duality by showing her gran belleza to the world. She is blessed with many choices: she speaks English y algunas veces espaƱol. Because We Can! She loves being Latina and Americana. She equally celebrates the beauty of her Reina and fierceness and grit of her Rebelde. She embraces her duality and has always understood the fuerza that the perfect shade of lipstick provides to her already-dynamic life and how it powerfully transforms her mysterious beauty. 

I am so inspired by how my Latina friends and colleagues are so strong minded, dress with courage and sass yet are heart warming and loving.  We know we are smart yet rebellious and thats why I am delighted to be partnering with Reina Rebelde. They are a makeup brand that una…

3 weeks into the school year

Drake in Houston

I had a chance to make it to not one but both of Drake and Futures "Summer 16" show dates in Houston and both were so fun but so different...  The first night, I took a friend who loves Drake. We sat on the floor, 8th row, great seats, the energy was on 100! Second night,  I had purchased suite tickets with my girlfriends but last minute had floor seats as well.... so what I did was go back and forth which actually ruined it for me. My knee had been killing me all day and moving in an arena that big was not easy. Luckily, I used the elevators but the way my patience was set up that I wasn't having it!

The last time I had seen Drake was last year for HAW weekend. He dj a set at Lumen for a private party, and the year before that when I sponsored HAW weekend announcement while I worked for Hennessy.

I filmed the first show and created a clip for you to watch. Enjoy!
Also, the highlights of t…