Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Curious George Photo Opp at Children's Museum of Houston

Children's Museum of Houston goes bananas for endless curiosity!

Take a historical journey and visit with Curious George as he swings by the Children’s Museum of Houston just in time for his 75th anniversary.

 But did you know World War II threw a monkey wrench into publishing plans? Written and drawn by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey, the couple fled Paris in June 1940 on self-made bicycles carrying the “Curious George” manuscript with them. After escaping, the rest became history! 

Join me along with my son Anthony #HtownKid this weekend as we celebrate the upcoming 75th anniversary of Curious George.

Fun activities such as :
  • Curious George Puppet: Make your version of everyone’s favorite little monkey at Junktion.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: Show everyone who’s boss with a big hat at Junktion. 
  • Big Red Kite: Explore the wonders of the wind with a colorful kite at Junktion.
When: Saturday February 13, 2016
10 A.M - 5 P.M

Where: Children's Museum of Houston
1500 Binz St. Houston, TX 77004

   Don’t forget your camera!

for more information go to www.cmhouston.org


Monday, February 8, 2016

I'll be a speaker at hispAnicize 2016 in Miami

Some exciting news today in SpoiledLatina's world. 
Hispanicize has announced the 2nd round of Latino & Multicultural Creators Showcase n Dime Summit speakers for 2016 and I am one of them! I'm ecstatic to be a part of the line up and to meet and re-connect with some of my favorite influential Latinos.

Read more about  Hispanicize and who is speaking here.

See you guys in Miami! 

Superbowl Beyonce!

The Queen proved why she is the reigning champ tonight! Not only did Coldplay and Bruno Mars play back up to Formation singer; but she just through everyone for a loop when she hit us with the 1,2, punch and announced her Formation World Tour.  

The one woman who can drop a new video for a new song, perform that song at the Superbowl the day after dropping the new video and announce a world tour at the heel of per performance is not only a performer, but a mother, a wife, a daughter and and inspiration to many of us. 

There has been a lot of talk about her video and what it means -- she has guts, courage and without a doubt doesn't give 2 hoots about anyones opinion.

Thank you, Beyonce!
 Thank you for the years of musical happiness, for taking us on your journey that was also our journey. I say that because her songs, carry out moments that some of us live in some way or another. Music connects to the heart and is felt in the soul and she has been someone that I have cried with, laughed, danced, turned up to and I have admired her for many many years. Classy, gracious, humble, simply B. 

If you aren't one of the 11 million viewers that has watched the Formation video--- than here you go!

And, if you want more info on the tour...more info here.

Beyonce Superbowl performance with Destiny's Child 

 and if you want to see more...I filmed the next video in Houston a few years ago.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jessica Alba covers Cosmo March 2016 issue

Not only is she beautiful, but she is a powerful, driven and if that wasn't enough...she's Latina!
Jessica Alba covers Cosmopolitan March 2016 issue where she talks about living like a boss and shares some of her success stories. She talks about her first career and how she wanted to be a big action star, to be as relevant as men. She also talks about embracing her femininity later in life and when she got her boobs at a young age didn't really know what to do. 

Jessica is also a mother of 2, married and I would love to say she is a Spoiled Latina too. Her Honest  company brand "spoils" babies at a young age by using products that won't harm their little bodies. No chemicals are used and honestly, the affordability for these amazing products are reason itself to start using safe products on our children early. 

Here are a few photos from the mag...in stores soon.

source: cosmo

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fiesta De La Flor announcement and interview with Suzette


Yesterday, was the press conference for the Fiesta De La Flor festival in Corpus Christi and what a beautiful experience it was. I drove down the night before, and glad that I did because although I was born in Corpus, I hadn't and still haven't experienced it as an adult, so being out at a small irish pub downtown and seeing the beautiful art downtown was nice.

The City of Corpus Christi Visitors Bureau hosted the press conference to announce this years lineups and special announcements for #FDLF  (watch video) The cities mayor spoke as well as Citgo's representative whom they referred to as "El Jefe".

It was special for me being born in Corpus, I expressed my feelings on my Instagram yesterday while sharing the video on having grown up there and Selena being a teenager when I was a child and me looking up to her and wanting to get an interview with her when I was 9 years old. It's a cute story. lol

The #FDLF festival is scheduled for May 6-7.....who's down to go?

SpoiledLatina loves cars - Houston Auto Show

Houston, We have Cars! 
Lots of them and they are all different from nice to big, round, spacious, tiny, affordable, expensive and everything in between. The Houston Auto Show was the place to be at this past weekend. NRG Park is where all the fun was at. If you had been watching my snaps from earlier that week, you saw that I was at the #HoustonAutoShow on Wednesday having a ball!?

How fun is it to walk around a big open space filled with all types of cars? Chevrolet, GMC, Ford,
Toyota,  Jeep, Mercedes, BMW, VW you name the car and they were there. All except for RR.  I love being in a room of "inspiration" the "one day, I'm going to be driving in the Mercedes G-Wagon" moments fill my heart and get me motivated to keep on pushing.  

Monday, January 25, 2016

Makeup by Mario talks Miami Swim Week, Beauty Blenders and Houston!

Hey SpoiledOnes! I am excited to finally share this interview with you guys....I talked to Mario  Dedivanovic for a few minutes while in Miami during Swim Week this past year and was so happy to finally connect with him via my Beauty Blender family. 

Mario, for those of you who don't know started his career out as a fragrance consultant and later moved into the makeup world after he would offer his client makeup consultations. He later worked for top celebrity makeup artists as an assistant and by the age of 21, had his very own agent. Today Mario, is widely known for his client Kim Kardashian who has frequently called Mario, her best friend.

Remember when I hosted the Macy's event with Mac Daddy? Watch it here

What do you do when one of your favorite department stores asks you to host the Hispanic Heritage Month event at their store?! If you are anything like me, you smile and thank the man above for the opportunity first, than you dance the day away. Especially when it's Macy's, a store I have shopped at for many many years and than to  see the below advertisements through out the store! * I was so excited! 

 I hosted this event in October, which was held at the Memorial City Mall location in Houston. I had a great time hosting the event as well as getting to know Angel aka Mac Daddyy a little bit more.

Absolutely loved meeting readers of the blog, my Facebook and Instagram followers....thank you for the love! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sprout Channel New Original Series "FLOOGALS" premieres January 23rd!

If you are a parent than you know about Sprout Channel, if you don't know or don't have children, let me school you. Sprout is a 24-hour preschool network, that up until recently my son started growing out of. It's a healthy alternative to watching all of the other channels TV offers.  I'm hoping that tomorrow's launch of the channel's newest original series "Floogals" will captivate his mind and keep his attention. Floogals is super cute, I was invited to a lunch this past week with Sprout Channel's VP of  Programming Lisa O'Brien intruding the show and we caught a sneak peak of the adorable series which follows three inquisitive aliens whom are exploring planet earth. Everyday is an exciting mission of experimentation, learning and discovery with Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo and Junior Boomer as they explore the human way of life. 

The series is created for kids 2-6 years of age and has stunning cinematic quality. Floogals is funny and has smart story telling and each episode is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary which is Sprout's overall brand identity. I connected with it being a Montessori mom, because watching the series reminds me of how Anthony must have felt when he was learning and discovering new objects and feeling new fabrics and fibers. My little pumpkin is 6 now, and I will continue to make sure his mind is full of positivity and growth and I will encourage him to watch the series. 

Hope you guys watch it!

quick video recap of the event and pictures... enjoy!

Lisa O'Brien - VP of Programming
capturing my social media shots

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to my love, my H-Town Kid!

an open letter to my son

My heart - my one and only child, today I celebrate you and all of your 6 years of life. Anthony - It's an honor to have been chosen as your mother. Although, I was scared of being a mother and was completely ok (or as I thought) with not having children I sit in front of my laptop and type away while being overjoyed with tears...tears of mixed emotions of joy and sadness because you are growing and no longer the baby or toddler running around yelling sweet nothings all over the house.  I am obsessed and in love with seeing you grow before my eyes and becoming a big boy. I am doing the best I can to be the best mother to you and when you tell me I am the "best mommy EVER and in the whole wide world" besides making my heart melt, you reassure me that I am doing a good job at the best and hardest most rewarding job their is.

I promise to make your proud and I promise to continue to love you, spoil you, educate you and teach you the rights and wrongs of life. I will support your goals and ambitions in hopes that you will play an important role in society when you grow up. There is no doubt you will change lives and bring happiness and entertainment to the people around you as you are doing now as a child. It is my duty in life to make sure you are always and forever happy. kisses on my necklace! 

Te amo Mi Amorcito!
I love you little boy!