Jamaican Me Miss You

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hola SpoiledOnes! It's been a crazy couple of weeks and this cold mixed with rain is not making matters better. I am missing Jamaica. I feel as though I have connection to the country. I am not sure if it reminds me of Mexico because the people are friendly and the food is amazing- especially the spices! I have visited the island twice and I am fascinated with it. I can't wait to explore the rest of Jamaica. My last trip was in November of 2014; and I learned so much more than my previous visit. I was able to explore and learn the culture and see historical sights. Truly an honor to see.

Avocado Heaven last night in Houston! #EchaleChallenge event recap pictures

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last night, guests who joined the festivities for the Avocados from Mexico #EchaleChallenge event at the swanky Galleria eatery Caracol, were in Avocado heaven!   We were treated to fresh avocado filled fish tacos, delicious shrimp cocktail bites and other delicious appetizers all with avocados. We all mixed and mingled through out the room while sipping on avocado margaritas that I must admit were delicious the Mojitos and avocado sangria were also tasty drinks. Guests also enjoyed some of Vianney of Sweet Life Bake amazing chocolate and avocado brownies and also gained valuable fitness tips from Carmen Melogoza from Latino Fit Club.  The crowd of about 75-100 people truly enjoyed themselves. I was so glad to be a part of this great event and to see a lot of my friends and colleagues and also got to meet new friends. 

Thanks for the love! 

Maggie Jimenez

Disney's 1st Latina princess Elena of Avalor

Friday, January 30, 2015

It is no wonder Latinos are the major minority; we have big spending power and our influence is growing. With that being said I'm glad Disney took notice and created its first Latina princess

 Elena of Avalor

love the red dress and big hoops
Elena will star in her own TV show airing on Disney Junior in 2016; but will be meet her on an upcoming episode of Sophia The First. 

What Disney has shared about Elena is that she is a confident and compassionate 16 year old , she has a little sister named Princess Isabel, her grandfather Tito, and her grandmother Cici. (where is her mother?) She also has a best friend named Mateo and while trying to save her family from Shuriki, Elena was pulled into her own magical amulet.  Princess Sofia is wearing the amulet now will restore Elena to her human form and helps her return to Avalor. Too cute!

I love the fact that she is also voiced by a Latina actress Aimee Carrero who is on ABC Family’s Young & Hungry. She is Dominican and raised in Miami. 

Looking forward to meeting Elena of Avalor soon! 


Hey SpoiledOnes, 

Houston! I have been a Gain lover for years and years that is why I am excited to be a part of the Gain flings! Laundromat Takeover with special guest JJ Simmons from 97.9 The Box!   Gain flings! is bringing a whole lot more scent to the laundry room experience so if you guys have laundry piled up in a basked; bring it out and do it this day with music, activities, and giveaways through the day and the best part is you get to experience the #BestScentEver!  People who have tried the new scent LOVE IT! 

What are Gain flings; you ask? 

Gain flings are easy to use laundry pacs that bring 50% more recent to your laundry room and your clothes. The Oxi boost fights stains while odor are removed with the odor elimination technology of Febreeze, so your clothes are left wonderfully clean and with an amazing scent! 


Spin Cycle Washeteria
54 E. Crosstimbers Street
Houston, TX 77022

Saturday February 7th
JJ Simmons of 97.9 The Box will be on site from 12-2pm - she would love to meet you and give you some Gain swag! 
I will be there from 1-2pm covering the event and filming all the action; stop by and take a selfie with me too!! 

Hope to see you there!!

Avocado of Mexico: I will be there- Meet me!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

On behalf of Avocados from Mexico 

I am thrilled to cordially invite you to a media & friends event on Tuesday, February 3 at the beautiful, Caracol Restaurant to kick off the Échale Challenge, a program created to help everyone have a more energetic, fulfilling and flavorful healthy life! Our host for the evening will be celebrity chef/TV host Maggie Jimenez who will be talking about the challenge and we’ll chat about how to incorporate avocados into your everyday life! 

The unique menu is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds (YES I AM SPOILING YOU!) with avocado inspired food and drinks/cocktails....click below for menu and rsvp info

A Selena Festival for the 20th anniversary of her death? Say it aint so...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Selana God's have answered!!

 In honor of the 20th anniversary of Selena's death, the city of Corpus Christi Texas (my birth city) will honor La Reina with a 2 day celebration this coming April 17th and 18th called
 "Fiesta de la Flor

Not many details have been made public but the city of Corpus Christi City Council did approve  the decision on Tuesday

Paulette Kruge, the CEO of the Corpus Christi Convention & Visitors Bureau mentioned "Our team wanted to honor this beautiful talented woman for the hearts that she has touched and the substantial contributions that she has made to the culture of our city." 

I am extremely excited about this and can't wait for more info to be shared and to actually BE THERE!!

What do you think? Who will you go with? 

Tina Knowles Day in Houston!

Last year I was invited to attend a luncheon where Tina Knowles would be the Key Note Speaker at a woman & money empowerment summit and I accepted the invitation for a reason; Tina intrigued me.  I wanted to know what the mother of the most famous woman on the face of this universe had to say. I have been a fan of Beyonce since The Writings On the Wall, from when she was rocking her braids and making her debut into the music industry, and still think she is The Queen of all Queens. Aside from the obviously beautiful self that she is; I feel she speaks to the woman who grew up with her. I can honestly say that every time she released an album I was experiencing the same things she spoke about in her songs. I wasn't obviously living her lifestyle but I was almost the same age as her going through the same things we as women go through.  I think all woman can relate!! 

At the summit; I shared the video which I went on to publish to youtube and the video was shared by most all media outlets from @necolebitchiedaily @globalgrind to @Vogue) Thanks! 

That day, Tina shared a beautiful story which she gifted to the ladies of the audience. What I didn't share on the video was that Tina was also gifted the honor by the Mayor Pro Tem and the Mayor of Houston Annise Parker who proclaimed October 2, 2014 to be  #TinaKnowles Day in Houston!!

 I wish I had met Tina and thanked her for such a powerful message that I myself needed to hear.

Soon after Beyonce who was inspired by her moms words - used a piece of my video in which her mother gives a bold statement... you can hear me agree by saying "mmmm-hmm" in the video below and in the actual song which I think IS super cool!! Maybe I will meet both Queens one day :) for now just watch this video of her mother being honored by the City of Houston. 

I met Choncha The Chola and I love her!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

So this past weekend, I met Choncha the Chola ask as Cammjay. A humble Latino from the west coast who was in Houston supporting Boomcack at his make up event(previous post) Honestly, I found out who Choncha was that day and so glad I did. His energy, humbleness and desire to be a positive impact on everyone through his crazy sarcasm and wit is genius. As I sat in the audience watching him speak about himself and his background and why he is using his platform to be an influence, I felt I had to chat a little with him and pick his brain. *I filmed this the same day, I filmed the NFL post just later that day - so pardon if I'm looking a little rough. lol

Cammjay shares hilarious videos on his youtube channel that you must watch.


My cousin inspires me

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So many woman inspire me. Inspire me to be better, dress a certain way, feel a certain way and that has inspired  "Woman who inspire me, Wednesday's" to the blog. Hope you are inspired by these stories as well. 

My mother and Jessica's mom were cousins. I remember as children; almost every summer was spent in Mexico with my grandparents. I loved going to Mexico because it was also a chance for me to visit with my cousins who came down from Chicago to spend time with their grandparents. My cousin Jessica is younger than me, and over 10 years ago she lost her mother. We became closer over our adult years; she has a son who my son plays really well with and on top of all of that we are family so the support, love and bond will always be there. Recently, Jessica has been on a mission to change her lifestyle. Her personal health lifestyle and that is what has inspired this post. She has lost over 80lbs and that is MAJOR! I asked her to write a piece for my blog to help inspire others and myself even to continue to live a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle.

"One day in the middle of my workout, a song from Beyoncé, Heaven came on and instantly I began to think about my mother. My mother passed away over 10yrs ago, and I started to think about "my WHY". That "why" was and is my "reason " to change and started to change and live a healthy and fit lifestyle. When I was young and overweight my mother would always try and encourage me to exercise and eat healthy. She was trying to instill in me how important it was, but as a teenager I didn’t want to hear it, with all the insecurities I already had, I didn’t want to admit that I had a weight problem on top of it. Thinking about my mother gave me even more determination to continue pushing to the end. To many times we take life for granted and don’t realize how important our lives are. As I laid on the floor; doing my plank for 60 sec, that’s all I could think about...how she was right next to me pushing me to hold longer, and softly saying how proud she was of me because I finally took control! I was so scared to admit to myself the damage I had already caused myself and how I was stuck. I was uncomfortable being comfortable at 280 LBS. (my heaviest). My mindset was anything I thought that could be different, was impossible but I’m here to tell you that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! I didn’t love myself nor did I believe in the true strength that lies within me, and I honestly can say that all those negative thoughts has changed. As I was finishing my workout, all I could say was THANK YOU MOM, for always believing in me and teaching me everything you possibly could. I didn’t know then, but now I do and I want to say that feeling is so rewarding knowing what I am capable of and the dreams that lie before me, are possible! SO then the journey begins… 

Love you Prima!

Houston's Rising Star Make Up Artist moves to LA

Juan Tamez aka Boomkack MUA has a lot to be proud of these days. The popular Houston make up artist will be moving himself and his talents to L.A. Being one of the city's go to make up artist, and a good friend I was glad when he asked me to support him and his last make up workshop this past weekend. Take a look at the fun and follow Boomkack on Instagram to see where this wonderful life we live, takes him! You never know, you may see him alongside his idol Joyce Bonnelli serving the Kardashians face!

Good Luck and See you SOON!!!

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