Girls Night Out

Pic by Bob Levey
I strongly believe that Laughter is essential to a healthy heart. I am constantly working and although I laugh a little here and there it always feels good when you laugh for a few hours, especially with friends. Last night my friends and I had a much needed or in my opinion because I needed the night out...I know you may think I am "always out" but in reality its all work.  The Astros played against the Texas Rangers so we took in a late game, enjoyed the breeze, the view and a few cold ones. We all work, are mommies and sometimes a night out with your friends is needed. 

To all the mommy's out there feeling guilty about leaving your kids or husbands for a few hours to laugh and enjoy some "me time" Please don't! You need it, you need that balance so you won't lose your mind, so you can be you again for a few hours. So go ahead, call up your girlfriends, set a date and make it happen!

Laughter will not add years to your life, but it will add life to your years!

It's always a good time for a photo shoot outside of Minute Maid Park. 

Never forget : 

Love Ya!

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