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A healthy oral hygiene is key entering 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019

A healthy oral hygiene is key entering 2019

I just love this past holiday season because it’s my last time to over indulge in all the goodness of holiday desserts, treats, food and all things that are good stuff. It’s also a reminder that the new year is upon us and having a healthy oral hygiene entering 2019 is important. 

I have an 8 year old as you know and his oral regimen and maintaining a healthy smile is my duty, so as a mother - I’m constantly speaking the importance of brushing and flossing. Even though if

It was up to my son which thinks brushing once a week is ok. I am THAT MOM - I still brush his teeth for him, that way I feel comfortable that I’ve flossed and brushed his teeth. 

Luckily for us Target has a variety of sales that we can take advantage of to stock up on @Crest 3D White products that’ll help achieve our goals. Receive $2.00 off my favorite Crest 3D Whitening Therapy Enamel Care toothpaste with the Cartwheel app and also tell your family and friend about their “buy 4 Get $5” promotion where you’ll receive a $5 Target gift card after a purchase of four Crest personal care items.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019


It’s the last day of 2018, and I am so thankful for this community. I dreamt of having my own business, and running it how I wanted and here I am. Not perfect, but better.
So many memorable moments which I shared on my Instagram

So many great things happened in 2018,  but also just as we left up our highs we have to talk about our lives which made us who we are today.  This year was definitely a roller coaster ride, I left a career that I love to focus and fulfill my lifelong passion of having my own business and really focus on my blog. I created a clothing line, which is small, still in the making, still my baby. But it’s mine and during that time I wasn’t sure if I should, I had Merch before but nothing quite like I really wanted. With the support of my hubby and him calling me a boss mom, I did it! There’s plenty of us who are bosses in our own right. Of course, I overcame that battle inside my head, because it’s my battle and I win my battles. I have learned to not let negativity consume my mind, I have learned to not allow what other people to influence or change my energy. I continue to do what God is blessing me to do, and always always and all ways follow my intuition.  People are rude, ignorant, and that has nothing to do with you.

Jefita Bonita, is growing and glowing!

SL Day Was nothing short of amazing.  What started off as a celebration or recognition from city of Houston to myself I want to recognize the amazing and powerful women in our community that I creating a space for us to get together and grow.

 So thankful for the sponsors and made the day even better, sponsor such as Macy’s or donate it to a Raices Texas. So many connections are made, all work and friendships were made, and I am just always so happy to hear all of the amazing connections and relationships that are made just by attending SL Day. You guys 2019 as hell day it’s going to be so much fun so please prepare your July calendar’s now.

Throughout the year there are so many events that I attend and I always like to send thank you cards and since the world has gone digital -  I use  Paperperless post. Paperless post is a cool site with many varieties of birthday cards, invitations, thank you cards and more - lots of free stuff but also cute and affordable digital cards with envelopes! I highly recommend you guys use them this year! 

So no matter what you go through - throughout the next year always be grateful, send thank you cards, send people their flowers while they are alive.

Other great things that happened were attending Latin Billboard and Latin American Music Awards. Both, the ONLY person from Houston on the red  carpet! Another amazing feeling, I met everyone working press and its always a "Wow, you're from Houston?"  yup! Represent

My son is now 8, going on 9 in January and he also had an amazing year. I think on of his favorite moments was meeting Bad Bunny.

I partnered with Sprint this year to host a back to school event with Prince Royce.

Made it in the Business section of Houston Chronicle.

Started a podcast! It Was All A Dream with my cohost Elyse!

Playa Del Carmen vibes

Now go and be GREAT!!!

Spoiled Latina Goals Giveaway

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Spoiled Latina Goals Giveaway
Cutest outfit from Pretty Little Thing

To end the year on a grand note, let's do a goal giveaway!!

Part of my main goal for 2019 personally is to get back in shape. With so many ways to lose weight, I am going to stick the the natural way of kicking my own ass and making it happen. I, of course like to look good while I work out, something about looking good makes me feel good if I look good. lol Weird I know, but honestly, if we look bumby we will feel bumby. I purchased a few items on the Pretty Little Thing website - their activewear is super cute and not only can I wear them to work out but also can use them just wear on a normal day - its called athleisure, and I'm all about that life!

 Ok, back to the giveaway - I want to help you get your 2019 off to a great start, with some basic but necessary essentials that I love and I know will help with boosting your confidence and feel empowered after using one of these items. 
I've gathered a few of my favorite items to go along with each goal and a brief little explanation as to why. Trust me, they will be a great addition to the new year.

  • Cafe Bustelo - Cafe con Leche instant coffee packs. Easy, convenient and delicious!!
  • Spoiled Latina coffee mug - this to go along with the Cafe Bustelo, it'll help boost our day and get us going and moving towards our goals. 
  • Crest White Strips and Crest 3D Whitening Therapy because your smile is everything and after drinking coffee these will totally help. I swear by the strips, life changer!
  • Body Fantasies - body spray in Hearts and Daisies scent - my favorite scent in the collection. Throw it in your purse, leave it in the car or simply splash it on right after the shower and leave it in your powder room to use next time. 
  • Beauty Blender - I'm all about a flawless face and I live with my Beauty Blender. Anyone who knows me knows - BB are life.  To help you achieve that flawless look with makeup, Beauty Blender to the rescue! Beauty Blender all about face kit and blotterazzi pro. 
  • Shea Moisture - Manuka Honey & Yogurt - hair treatment.
  • Nyakio - Kenyan Coffee body scrub
  • Pretty Little Thing - black paneled leggings - working out is a must in the new year, I got a few items from Pretty Little Thing's activewear section and giving away a pair of leggings so that you too can work out in style. 
  • Spoiled Latina - crew neck - to wear with your PLT leggings :)

Thank you so much for supporting my blog. Your support means everything to me and this is just a small appreciation for giving me a chance to live out my own little dreams! 

CLICK on the PICTURE BELOW to enter.....GOOD LUCK!!!


Throughout the year there are so many events that I attend and I always like to send thank you cards and since the world has gone digital -  I use  Paperperless post. Paperless post is a cool site with many varieties of birthday cards, invitations, thank you cards and more - lots of free stuff but also cute and affordable digital cards with envelopes! I highly recommend you guys use them this year! 

Moments in San Antonio - video

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Moments in San Antonio - video

The month of December has gone so fast, just as 2018 has. What an amazing year, and what an amazing way to start the last month of the year by heading on a mini road trip to San Antonio for a Holiday Influencer event hosted by Marisa of Mexi Moments with a special guest... Me! 

This weekend was already a busy weekend for me, I had a pop up shop the day before the San Antonio drive and my brunch and the Chevrolet Colorado that was loaned to me for the week was such a BIG help! I drive a small car in real life so when I had the opportunity to drive a pick up, I jumped on the opp. I was able to transport my Jefita Bonita merch to and from all my events this weekend. The weather wasn't pleasant (all my vehicle pics were bad) so having the extra back seat space helped so that my items didn't get water damage.

 Thank you, Chevrolet for supporting Latina Entrepreneurs!  

Marisa and I met a few years back. She was a new blogger and started a series of highlighting women who inspired her and she would share it on her blog.  She reached out to me and asked to interview me and me being me, I said yes. Fast forward to a year or so later, meeting her at Selena Mac launch. I was covering the event and she was in line. She actually had a good spot considering the 15k or so people there. We always kept in touch, most recently she attended SLDAY 2018 and was inspired to do something for in San Antonio and introduce me to the fab ladies of San Antonio. That's exactly how this event happened. I am thankful to meet followers who turn into people I can count on to help in anyway to build our brands. 

San Antonio was a great vibe. I sat and chatted with strangers who were so nice, shared a piece of me with each of them and they shared stories with me as well about our goals, business questions were answered and advice was given. We all have one thing in common, we all want to succeed. It was beautiful seeing a room full of Latina Entrepreneurs and future Latina Leaders of San Antonio. 

Take a look at the video, thanks to Sway Rodriguez for filming!

Latina Leaders of Houston Dinner

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Latina Leaders of Houston Dinner

I spent the 4th evening of December with a fabulous group of Latina Leaders in Houston. Every day that I hop onto social media, I watch them work and continue to expand their craft and their own brand and I am inspired by them. They each do their own thing, each an entrepreneur and I was blessed to partner with Hennessy and recognize them in my first Latina Leaders Dinner party. 

DJ Geraldo, The Team Hennessy Houston Ambassador
my beautiful guests talking to Bryan Cross, of Team Hennessy
Recognizing my Latina Leaders of Houston in this beautiful setting designed by Sara Alicia Event Stylist

As Latina women of Houston, each of our lives is different. We are all either married with kids, single with kids, single and/or a in between but we are all have one thing in common, we are hustlers! Latna Hustlers of Houston, on a mission to be great, stuck in traffic most of the times but getting things done on our own or with a small team because at the end of the day we are small business owners on our way to building our empires. In 2017, Latinos in Houston represented nearly 40 percent of the region‚ small business owners, a number that has doubled in less than five years. We are the future!

Blogger, Hip Hop Artist, Nail Salon Owner and Hair Salon Owner - working together, shining together, win together!

"Yvonne isn't cookie cutter she just doesn't do 1 thing, which makes me feel that I can do things my way too" - Nicole K from Lipstick and Brunch

My earrings, ring and bracelet are from my recent trip to Playa Del Carmen purchased from Fernando Rodriguez Design (blog coming soon) 

Lili, the talent and brains behind Lili's Balloon Decorations - Follow her - she can do it all!

"Hispanics in Houston are two times more likely to start a business than other demographic groups."

Vanessa is taking the wig industry by storm as one of the few Latinas in the biz! 
The hottie with the body - Karrin blogger and entrepreneur 
vibes on 1000!
Paola with Nail'd It - one of Houston's best nail creators and my nail artist 

my logo cookies, by the gracious and delicious tasting Sugar Dose By Johanna

 Keep shining and inspiring Bonitas!!

Cucos, Cafecito & Charity

Cucos, Cafecito & Charity

On December 1st, I hosted Cucos, Cafecito & Charity
 a brunch I put together with Los Cucos and Cafe Bustelo to raise toys for a local organization. The brunch was held at Los Cucos Mexican restaurant in Cypress - where they featured their famous Mexican brunch. The brunch has everything from Huevos Rancheros, omelettes, waffles, enchiladas, street tacos, flautas, menudo, pozole plus aguas frescas and so much more. I literally just got hungry!!

Before, during and after the ambitious ladies and I chatted about life and laughed, played loteria and networked; it was a great morning together.

Wishing everyone an amazing December!

Los Cucos, hosts a Mexican brunch at 6 locations in Houston and one into Vegas on every Sunday of the month. Make sure to grab a concha and cafecito with your breakfast - and if you haven't tried Cafe Bustelo, do's so good!

Thanks for coming out guys!

Dress and shoes - Target