Sunday, June 29, 2014

JWoww shares my pregnancy pic


So yesterday my cousin tags me  in JWowws photo on Facebook. The photo is of me but is almost 5 years old from before Anthony was born.   

Love the fact that she says 
"Pregnant ladies can be sexy too" 

We can be sexy or at the time I thought was. I have always been fashionable and thought that in the comfort of my own home can do whatever I wanted so I did. 

Thank you to Jaylene for an awesome photo shoot. 

 More and all pics from her shoot can be seen here ->

Have a beautiful Sunday!! 


Friday, June 27, 2014

Spoil your feet- Converse style

I am on a Converse kick. I mean how couldn't you not be considering
 the cute designs this season. Converse kicks are so classic that any design you choose 
whether solid or print is a good choice!

these are fly for the summer

Shop your local Nordstrom store or Nordstrom online for these styles... 

and remember to always, SpoilYourself!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spoil your feet - Espadrilles

I am not mad at the many selections in Espadrilles lately. I know many of you have noticed the french inspired shoes at almost all places that sell shoes. I have a few pairs of my own and I must admit, I love them.  

Very simple to wear, comfy yet refined. 
Spoil your feet

gold leaf sequence espadrilles - Anthropologie
show your spirit Old Navy

These are a cute Latin inspired print from Steve Madden  
Tory Burch always has the cute designs 

Valentino stud espadrilles

Ladies, there are lots of sales going on at the moment for the season transition and many espadrilles are on sale. Tag me if you have a pair, I  would love to see how you rock them #SpoiledOnes 

These are mine!!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Hennessy V.S presents La Mafia album release "Amor y Sexo"

Last night, I was honored to be able to host as part of Team Hennessy Houston,  the album release of La Mafia.  I grew up listening to La Mafia, not because I was purchasing the music but because my parents were and radio was playing them non stop. I have so many great memories where La Mafia was present in our lives through songs that when I got the opportunity to honor them, I ran with it.

Thanks to everyone for showing major love ...enjoy the pictures taken by BGuidry!

My RMM- Rene Cavazos 
Sheriff Adrian Garcia

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dr. Maya Angelou RIP

Today the world experienced an immense loss with the passing of the great author, poet, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou at the age of 86, but she has left a trademark on this Earth that we will cherish for many, many years to come.

Dr. Angelou was known for using her words to uplift people, rather than to bring them down. She wrote and spoke about injustices, and many subjects pertaining to human equality. She taught us the powerful use of words, and we will continue to honor everything she taught us.
Her legacy includes mentoring one of the most influential woman, Oprah Winfrey, as well as her well known writings I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Still I Rise and On The Pulse Of Morning.
Maya Angelou was a woman who lived with infinite grace and purpose. During her lifetime she received 50 honorary degrees, three Grammy awards, and was a woman of many titles including - Hollywood director and actress, teacher, activist, artist, dancer and probably the most prestige and precious to her – mother.
The world lost a legend today, but her legacy will remain alive. We will continue to honor such an amazing woman who taught us the power and impact that one person can have on the entire world. So we thank you Dr. Maya Angelou for sharing your talent and wisdom with us, May You Rest In Peace.
“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou

“I like Dallas, and I like Houston,” she says. “I have good friends in San Antonio. I didn’t find anyplace I didn’t like. I really liked El Paso, too. Because I speak Spanish, I like to be in places where there are a lot of Mexican-Americans.” 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SpoiledLatina on Great Day Houston

This morning, I was very honored to be featured on Great Day Houston for a second time.

We discussed the Summer Pattern Trends, and everything in between!
My four models, and myself displayed different patterns for different body types, and what suits each body type the best.

We've also seen several celebrities go BOLD with patterns, such as mixing different types of patterns so don't be afraid to express yourself this summer!

Overall it was a great experience, and I was very happy to be able to share these styling and fashion tips with our Spoiled One's!

If you liked any of the looks you can find them at Macy's by contacting Personal Shopper

To see the entire Summer Pattern Trends Segment CLICK HERE!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Wins Icon Billboard Award 2014

Hey Spoiled One's!
Here is some Motivation Monday!
Last night our very own Jennifer Lopez was presented with the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards making her the very first female artist to be honored with this award.
She thanked her family, friends, God, and all the people that have been with her throughout her career as a singer, actress, and the many things she is involved with.
But she also addressed "Her Gente Latina."
She said, "Trabajen duro y suenen grande! Tengan Fe."
Work very hard, dream big, and always have faith.
Jenny from the Block is a genuine example to follow for Latinas and Latinos.
So remember Spoiled One's,
In JLo's own words, "You never know where you might end up."
I love her! 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jay-Z and Beyonce "On the Run" trailer

Despite the drama that went on last week that I  did not blog about on purpose; Jay and Bey are the ultimate "ride or die" couple. They released a trailer to "On the Run" and although it looks like it will be a movie, it is actually just a video. 

The '03 Bonnie and Clyde are joined by heavy weights Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum, Guillermo DĂ­az (love!) and Rashida and Kidada Jones.  

Remember these 2 are going on here for more info ---

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm featured in Marie Claire June 2014

"My outgoing personality allows me to make conversation with nearly anyone" 

I hate keeping things from you, SpoiledOnes. However, the secret is out! 
I am in the June 2014 issue of Marie Claire Magazine!!

The Marie Claire Beauty Road Show stopped by Houston a few months back and myself along with very special fashion bloggers were chosen to be featured.  I am honored, happy and grateful for these opportunities.

Peep the pics from the day of.

I'm wearing a Hazel dress
Zara purse and heels 

necklace from

1st page of us Houston girls, featuring Catherine, Lynn Gabriele and Monica

pics by my Spoile Intern: Reina

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Join Me on Saturday at Aio's Phone Literacy event

Excited that one of my ideas will be coming to life this coming Saturday.  I partnered with Aio Wireless who is now becoming Cricket, to launch a phone literacy program. The literacy program is for those who are smart phone challenged. The event will cover some of the most important things you can do on your phone that will ultimately make your life much easier. 

This is a great class for someone like your mom, dad or older folks who have a hard time learning how to use their device. 

Hope you can make it! 

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maurice Hennessy Houston Dinner

A few weeks ago; I hosted Maurice Hennessy, who is the 8th generation descendant to the Hennessy family. Mr. Hennessy sat down for a dinner with some of my favorite Houston Latino influencers such as Chingo Bling, MMA fighter Angel Huerta, La Mafia and Hipolito Acosta to name a few. We enjoyed drinking the finest cognac in the world while Mr. Hennessy gave us insight on the history of Hennessy and Hennessy Paradis Imperial A bunch of fantastic things are happening within our community and our influencers.

Mr. Hennessy and Angel Huerta

Friday, May 9, 2014

They are here!

SpoiledLatina, is a powerful Latina who works hard to spoil herself. Whether she kicks back to read a book, gets a manicure or takes a spontaneous getaway. She may an independent Latina who is furthering her education or she works 3 jobs and simply wants to sleep in one day. The possibilities of spoiling yourself are endless.

I think as women we work so hard to further our careers, to be friends, sisters, mothers and many of us manage our households. We often forget about ourselves. There is a lot of responsibilities to being a head strong, goal oriented woman. I believe in Spoiling yourself from time to time. I work long hours. My mind is constantly on the move with different ideas and ways to implement them. So when I do get some free time, some me time, I will spoil myself. I love shoes so my feet get the spoiling, most of the time.

Having said that...

Finally, I made t'shirts! I have been thinking of printing some for us SpoiledOnes to wear for the longest and with life happening and everything going on, I just hadn't. Until now! 

So ladies and gents the shirts are ladies t's. 98%Cotton 2% Spandex. Soft and comfortable, a good feel to your body.

 I created the SpoiledLatina logo T and also the hashtag #SpoiledOnes.

Hope you like .. Click here to purchase and enter SPOILED at checkout for complimentary shipping in the U.S.

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