Better Together (sponsored post)

Sponsored post by Mirum

With my hubby and little man in the house things can get hectic. We all have packed schedules that require us to be on the go all day. That’s why I love using Caress Daily Silk Body wash Value Pack and my boys are smelling great with Axe Black from Sam’s Club. They are quick, easy to travel with, and smell great.

But best of all, Sam’s Club carries them! So, I can grab them while I am stocking the house up, and we have enough for both my guys!

Preparing for the day, freshening up mid-day, or getting ready for a night out, a quick blast of confidence from Axe is what my boys need.

But with Axe Black and Caress, my entire family is #BetterTogetherSC!

And Caress is for me, it gives me just what I need to start my day feeling fresh and lovely. I also love the reassurance that I smell great through out the day. 

And after a long day it is the perfect way to relax. 

And Sam’s makes it so easy to pick it up and go with their new app. Scan and Go! It makes my shopping trips so much quicker as I can scan my own products as I grab them!

Sam’s Club, Axe Black, and Caress all make my life easier and make sure my family is taken care of. 

We are #BetterTogetherSC!

SLDay 2017 at Republic Square Houston

A whole month and a half ago, I celebrated my blogs 9th Anniversary. As I am writing this its hard to believe that I have been sharing my stories, my lifestyle and myself with you guys for over 9 years. What started off as a hobby has literally turned into a full time career that I am extremely proud of. I have changed in so many ways, grown, had a child, traveled so much and as we all have, I struggle with many personal insecurities but I am blessed to say…I am still here!

Blogging has been my personal getaway and in some way my therapy. Although, my time is so limited between my son, life and brand ambassador work it's hard to sit and write - but I love writing blog posts. I love thinking of ways to connect with you and share personal stories that I know you can relate to. It gives me time to reflect and think about how amazing life is and how impactful SL Day really is.

SLDay 2017 was held at on the beautiful grounds of what is now Republic Square Houston. The property which was once the Exxon West Campus is owned and operated by Boxer Property. Republic Square sits on a 35 acre property and is currently leasing nice, modern and affordable office space located on the I-10 West (West Corridor). Most of the leases are small businesses which is a plus…because you are surrounded by the go getter energy of the people and the amazing property views. The strolls throughout the grounds, the man made lake, fish, turtles, ducks, it’s a little piece of Houston that is truly a hidden gem. I literally just explained the vibe of getting to the event center at Republic Square. The event center is a open space with floor to ceiling windows, multiple conference areas - big and beautiful.

SLDay was catered by WhatchaCravin. Although, I created the menu - I was so busy that day that I didn't get to taste the food. I heard so many great reviews though and thankful for their sponsorship and the good food!

Thanks again!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for following my journey. Thank you for sharing, retweeting, liking and even if you just read or simply watch…
Thank you!

Ford! For the second year in a row, you have sponsored SL Day and couldn't be more grateful to you for your support. They strongly believe in the women of Houston and through their sponsorship, SL Day was made possible. Gracias!

Lili's Balloons did an amazing job with my vision of how I wanted it to be. She understood the idea and fully exceeded my expectations. The colors, the flamingo ... I can not wait to order more decorations from Lili!

HEB was gracious to sponsor as well.... the juices, cupcakes, water, fruit and coffee were all from My HEB!

Mi familia, so happy they were in town for my day!

3 generations

Security by Reliant .... why it works for me

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored blog post partnership with Reliant. All opinions expressed are my own.

My life is entirely too busy and knowing whats happening at home is my #1 priority. With Security by Reliant, we get around-the-clock security that you can control from anywhere, so you’re always protected. Plus, Reliant Energy customers can save money by using a package for electricity and security and you know I'm all about saving coins while keeping my family first. I honestly, don’t know if I can live without a security system installed in my home. I just feel a bit safer knowing that if I have my alarm set that anything happens I am alerted right away. I mean look at that little face of Anthony’s when he was a baby —when you have children and they have that smile and your heart - monitoring them is everything.

The summer is almost over, and last minute vacations are a must sometimes. One less worry is knowing your home is protected by a service such as Reliant where you can check in and view your cameras remotely, adjust your thermostat from anywhere, program lights and other electronic devices to turn on and off automatically and enjoy 24/7 monitoring and response from their experienced monitoring team. And, If you have a pet Reliant has programming available so your system doesn’t react to your four-legged family members, which is great because they are safe and being monitored too.

You can choose the right level of security for you and your home because Reliant has customizable plans for everything from motion detection to specialized locks. All packages include 24/7 monitoring. I’m a worrier and it always helps when you know you're protected somehow. We can also receive text or email alerts to keep you informed any time the alarm goes off. Which I love because I stay on my phone and can see the alerts from anywhere with the Reliant Connect app!

Don’t worry if you already have a security system installed, Security by Reliant is probably compatible with your existing equipment making it easy to make a switch.

Here are some of the features you can get from the cameras -- night vision, two way audio, full color night vision and the plans have all types of plans to meet your needs. If you've been looking for a new security and monitoring system - look no further.

HEB x SpoiledLatina Hair Care commercial

Hi Spoiled Ones! 

I am hoping you have had a fabulous week and if you haven't well, I promise it gets better. Sometimes even going
 to my favorite H-E-B can make things all better. I know what you're thinking, H-E-B? the grocery store?! Lol - Yup, it always works for me!

As silly as it sounds I love going shopping for groceries at H-E-B, because it gives me time to be one with me and my favorite store. Most often I go alone and I do this on purpose, I don't have Anthony (my son) asking me 101 questions and I treat myself with beauty finds from the beauty department. 

I am super excited to have collaborated with H-E-B in sharing some of my favorite hair care products. Watch the video below and take advantage of the savings happening now at MY H-E-B!

  • Save $5 when you purchase $15 of Suave, Dove or AXE offer valid: 7/19/17 – 8/1/17
  • Save $5 when you purchase $15 of Ponds, Degree, TRESemme or Caress offer valid: 7/12-7/18

Arriba, Cerados, Y Seguros

Anthony is growing older and as time has passed I have had to learn how prevent accidents from happening in our home. Kids are “new here”, and their minds are so inquisitive of things especially things that they shouldn't be getting into…especially in the laundry room. Accidents can happen and this is why Tide® is encouraging parents to 

Keep Them Up, Keep Them Closed, Keep Them Safe.” Ideally somewhere that isn't visible in my home works. If my son hasn't seen it, than he's not thinking about it. If you have cabinets or storage space I encourage you to do the same. Store them above where the kids can’t reach and close the door so they aren't visible and wondering about it.

As much as I love cute clothes, and be out and be social - reality hits when it’s laundry day. And with all the work I have going on, I sometimes forget that I need to wash my favorite clothes separately. Now, I don't have to worry, thanks to Tide® PODS™ + Downy®. Tide® PODS™ + Downy® is the first detergent packet designed to clean and protect clothes from stretching or losing their color. These chemist are so high tech now, that I no longer have to measure and / or forget to add Downy® to the wash because the PODS™ include it….genius! 1 packet, laundry done!

My mother often comes to visit and I love my mom, but as she is getting older her vision is worsening and when she visits she LOVES to wash clothes. I have a lot of clothes and not to mention a lot of cute colorful clothes that she accidentally throws in the wash with not so colorful clothes - luckily for me the Pods contain ingredients that are suitable for fabrics that are traditionally cannot be washed with fabric softeners but can benefit from conditioning, so it’s a win-win! My mom loves the convenience of just grabbing a packet and tossing it into the washer machine. It’s safe, convenient and we’re all happy.

#TimeToSmile Oral Health Month

“This post was sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive”

I’ve partnered with Colgate to spread the importance of a healthy smile for Oral Health Month #TimeToSmile #SonrisaColgate.

One of the most important things we can do as parents is teach our children the importance of oral hygiene. Anthony- my son, is now 7 years old, he has lost 3 teeth so far and slowly his permanent teeth are coming in. This parenting stuff isn't easy, we don’t have a manual on how to be the best mommy and daddy but we sure have the wits and knowledge to know that a healthy smile is important. I love to spend quality time with my son and the more things I can do with him means the more I can teach him. This month we are focusing on Oral Health. He knows the fundamentals - brushing after meals, flossing these pretty little gums of his daily and his favorite part of the routine….mouth wash!

One thing that I enjoy doing with Anthony is brushing his teeth. Yes, he’s 7. Yes, he’s a little big boy and should already know how to brush but I don't mind doing it for him. At the same time that I am brushing, I am showing him how to brush, telling him the importance of a healthy white smile and I am building a trusting bond with my child. I love how he shows me his pearly whites after every brush.

Did you know that according to a Colgate-Palmolive/Toluna Survey in March 2016, Hispanics report oral health issues at higher rates than the general U.S. population? Yup, 87% of the Hispanic parents surveyed know that early oral care education is very important for their children, however 59% think they can do a better job of it. As a busy mom, I can relate. I am glad I partnered with Colgate to remind me and my family of the importance of a clean mouth. 

Colgate is committed to improving oral health for everyone to have a future they can smile about. Colgate and the American Dental Association (ADA) will continue partnering in the campaign “Oral Health Month: Share More Time, Share More Smiles”.I hope you do the same with your little ones. You can also help spread the word that for every image liked, shared, or posted on social media between June 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017 with the hashtag #TimeToSmile, Colgate will donate $1 (min. $10k, max. $40k) to the ADA Foundation’s Give Kids A Smile® program that provides free oral health care, education and screening to underserved children. 

Colgate, in partnership with the ADA, also offers bilingual oral health education materials such as shareable infographics, activity sheets for kids, and other oral care resources on Bilingual videos, articles, downloadable family activities will also be available on the ADA’s site

SL Day 2017...are you ready?!

 I am beyond excited to announce that tickets for SpoiledLatina Day 2017 are now on sale!! Last years event was well beyond my expectations and this year will not disappoint. The venue is set for Republic Square which is a beautiful event space with natural surroundings to prepare for our mind to be pampered. Click on the SLDAY tab above to purchase! 

Below you'll see the partial lists of speakers at #SLDay2017 and some of our amazing sponsors. Whatcha Cravin will be serving delicious brunch, Mo√ęt is providing the bubbles, Boost Mobile signed on for the 2nd year in a row. Thank you!!

 For now, stay tuned for more guest updates and more sponsorship announcements! 

Mother's Day with Dove and Sam's Club #RealBeauty #Dove

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own.

My mother is my heart and soul. I talk to her everyday and try to bring her to Houston to visit as often as possible. And with Mother's Day and her birthday being this month, I made sure to have her here in Houston. What made the deal even sweeter was that Dove picked us to participate in their 
Sam's Club Mother's Day campaign.

Girls Night Out

Pic by Bob Levey
I strongly believe that Laughter is essential to a healthy heart. I am constantly working and although I laugh a little here and there it always feels good when you laugh for a few hours, especially with friends. Last night my friends and I had a much needed or in my opinion because I needed the night out...I know you may think I am "always out" but in reality its all work.  The Astros played against the Texas Rangers so we took in a late game, enjoyed the breeze, the view and a few cold ones. We all work, are mommies and sometimes a night out with your friends is needed.