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3 weeks into the school year

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


We are officially in week 3 of the school year and life is slowly getting back to normal around here. Between work, home and school the one thing that Anthony is loving is school and being around his friends. He is growing so fast and since I love documenting miles stones and he loves technology aka Youtube and Instagram we have decided that he will be more hands on when filming and creating content. Thankfully, I tackled the "I want my own phone" phase by joining forces with Sprint and being part of the Back to School "Familias Conectadas" crew.  

Someone is excited for his new tablet.
Did you know that most children get their first phone at 10 years old? Did you also know that 64 % of them have internet access via personal tablets/laptops? One more important fun fact is that 1 in 2 kids will have social media by age 12...these kids are growing and learning rapidly. Anthony is just 6 and has all of the above, but It's also important for us as adults to show them the rights and wrong about using their own phone. One way for us parents to get a little helpful insight is by visiting the 
Kids First Phone website which provides helpful info, an online quiz for you to help make your decision about getting them a phone. 

Sprint is leading at family offerings and its apps help us parents stay in touch with our perfect imperfect children. Family locator will allow me to track up to 5 devices. Sprint Mobile Controls lets you monitor, limit and block content on android phones. Sprint Drive First helps keep your kids safe by stopping distracted driving and keeping focus on the road. Family Wall for Sprint helps everyone stay connected with an all-in social app that allows families to share and connect via their own private social network.

learning how to use it by learning hands on.
If you are ready for that next step than Sprint also has a lovely deal happening .... Well-qualified Sprint customers can buy one GS7 or GS7 edge and get one free with at least one new line of service and an eligible upgrade. The choice is yours – you can select two of GS7, two of GS7 edge or one of each!
He's supposed to be doing homework not watching J.Lo lol
 This is a sponsored post by Sprint, however all opinions and expressions are my own.


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