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Drake in Houston

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I had a chance to make it to not one but both of Drake and Futures "Summer 16" show dates in Houston and both were so fun but so different...
 The first night, I took a friend who loves Drake. We sat on the floor, 8th row, great seats, the energy was on 100! Second night,  I had purchased suite tickets with my girlfriends but last minute had floor seats as well.... so what I did was go back and forth which actually ruined it for me. My knee had been killing me all day and moving in an arena that big was not easy. Luckily, I used the elevators but the way my patience was set up that I wasn't having it!

The last time I had seen Drake was last year for HAW weekend. He dj a set at Lumen for a private party, and the year before that when I sponsored HAW weekend announcement while I worked for Hennessy.

I filmed the first show and created a clip for you to watch. Enjoy!

Also, the highlights of the weekend was actually meeting Drake for the 2nd time.  I shared the story on my IG page. 

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