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Don't Miss Important Eye Exams For Our Kiddos

This post has been sponsored by Visionworks. All opinions are mine alone. #MiVisionworks
Where has time gone?  A full week of school has come and went and HTownKid aka my beautiful son, Anthony is now a 1st grader. From what he has shared with me about his time in class he's had a wonderful time. With all the hustle and bustle of enjoying our summer vacation and planning for back to school we didn't make time for his eye exam.
I have to be truthful, I wasn't planning on having his eyes checked because for one I never wore glasses as a child. Secondly, he's never mentioned he has troubles with his vision, but the more I thought about it I must get his eyes checked because his daddy was a glasses baby so in reality; there is a 50/50 chance. I'm glad to be partnering with Vision Works to promote the importance of having our kids' eyes checked. They have an easy to use and full of information page for the "Let's go see" campaign that you guys will lea…

Simple Sunrise for your skin

We all know that Wal-Mart carries a large variety of skincare products and naturally as shoppers we tend to stick with brands that we have previously used and are comfortable with.  Today, I am sharing info about Simple Sunrise products.  Gentle products that are tough on makeup that you should try.

Walmart now carries Simple’s new formulas - Hydrating Cleansing Oil & Dual Effect Eye-Makeup Remover, gentle formulas to ensure makeup comes off cleanly.  I am super busy and make up is a big part of my life, thats why I recommend these wipes, they take all the make up off of your face without leaving the streets of mascara or eyeliner. The beauty of Simple is while its cleaning your face, it i also hydrating and conditioning our skin.

If you love to shop online, like I do simply click this link to get more info and shop the already low prices at Wal-Mart online. Free shipping is available sometimes. :)

Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper. Opinions are 100% my own.

Summer Moments

That's it! In my world, Summer is over and I must admit that it was a great one! We didn't travel far to enjoy ourselves and make memories instead we stayed in Texas and enjoyed  a lot of time outside. My son is 6 years old and this summer he learned how to swim and to end the summer on a splashy note, we decided to take a trip to San Antonio and Canyon Lake. * I know that was kinda cheesy.
 Since this was a last minute trip, I hurried to my local JCPenney. The JCPenney store near my house is so convenient and since its not in a mall its I literally go in and out for what I want It's #SoWorthIt - It also may be the law of attraction. J
 I was able to find this adorable one piece bathing suit that I wore to the park. It was on sale, which made the purchase sweeter. Matter of fact, JCPenney is having all kinds of sales - they are offering free shipping online and 20% off all purchases more than $100. Thats so convenient for me and us busy moms on the go. They had all kinds …

Back to School Trends with Houston Premium Outlets on Univision (video)

Getting Back To School Ready With Target

Happy Monday SpoiledOnes! 
How was your weekend? Ours was entertaining as always with little Anthony. H-Town Kid is heading into the 1st grade and although we make several trips to Target throughout the year, this one over the weekend was different. Our focus this time was getting back to school ready. He's not ready for summer to be over and although it is bitter sweet,  I am ready for the next step in his educational life aka mommy needs a break. 
He is learning so much, growing so much, has his own energetic and witty attitude.  Raise your hands if you've ever been to Target for 1 thing and end up walking out spending $100 or more all because the many other item that we all of a sudden need are staring at us whispering "buy me". Thanks, I knew it was not just me. 
We walked in and of course, Anthony was hungry. I'm always up for some popcorn from Target. We sat for 30 minutes, thats how long it took him to eat 2 personal pan pizzas, I people watched, thanking …

Live Life Beautifully #HEBSuaveTX

Life is beautiful, no matter the ups and downs at the end of the day life is meant to be lived beautifully and Suave is reminding us to do just that; "Live Beautifully". Living beautifully and purposely is essential to our busy lives. It's a way of staying sane in this crazy world. If we live happily and cheerful than life is much more beautiful. Less stress, less wrinkles, less tension equals good health and a long happy life. 
I grew up shopping at H-E-B, and Suave was and is a brand that is usually in my shower. Not only does Suave come in a variety of scents it performs just as well as a premium brand for a whole lot less and that my friend, makes me smile. My husband is the Suave purchaser and I'm the user. lol I use the conditioner, my hair is thick and find that the Suave conditioner helps detangle my hair and leaves it soft, manageable and beautiful. That's one way I spoil myself. I also use the Suave Kids Purely Fun 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Bod…

A Few of My Favorite Places in Texas

Hey Guys! Happy Friday...