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Getting Back To School Ready With Target

Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy Monday SpoiledOnes! 

How was your weekend? Ours was entertaining as always with little Anthony. H-Town Kid is heading into the 1st grade and although we make several trips to Target throughout the year, this one over the weekend was different. Our focus this time was getting back to school ready. He's not ready for summer to be over and although it is bitter sweet,  I am ready for the next step in his educational life aka mommy needs a break. 

He is learning so much, growing so much, has his own energetic and witty attitude. 
Raise your hands if you've ever been to Target for 1 thing and end up walking out spending $100 or more all because the many other item that we all of a sudden need are staring at us whispering "buy me". Thanks, I knew it was not just me. 

We walked in and of course, Anthony was hungry. I'm always up for some popcorn from Target. We sat for 30 minutes, thats how long it took him to eat 2 personal pan pizzas, I people watched, thanking God that I only had one child to get ready for back to school. We have kept up with his "homework" through out the summer so make his transition into 1st grade easier. . 

We headed over to the "School Shop" the Target designated school supplies section where other children and parents were shopping. I am so glad I was not the only one who looked confused while following a list. The color coded end caps made it easy for Anthony to help me shop for his school supplies. He got to pick his 1st grade lunch bag and a very cool Star Wars school box. 

We shopped for about another hour, walking through the boys section, picking out new pieces to add to his wardrobe. He loves to try clothes and I love to see how he suddenly transforms himself to a superstar with his confidence shining after he feels good in a new jacket or t-shirt. It's so cute! 

The Cartwheel app by Target has its extra savings at the store making it easy for us to save simply by downloading the app. Back to school savings will be available on the app until September but trust me, you'll want to keep the app and enjoy the savings year round. This weekend was also tax free weekend in Texas which helped me save even more $. 

Y'all make sure to take advantage of the back to school savings through out the month of August. During the 2nd and 3rd week of August you'll earn a $5 gift card when spending $30, you'll also save 30% off school uniforms and next week kids apparel savings are up to 30%. 

Don't forget to stop by the mommy section and spoil yourself a little too. We deserve that cute little something something :) 

*sponsored post by Target 

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