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Summer Moments

Friday, August 19, 2016

That's it! In my world, Summer is over and I must admit that it was a great one! We didn't travel far to enjoy ourselves and make memories instead we stayed in Texas and enjoyed
 a lot of time outside. My son is 6 years old and this summer he learned how to swim and to end the summer on a splashy note, we decided to take a trip to San Antonio and Canyon Lake. * I know that was kinda cheesy.

 Since this was a last minute trip, I hurried to my local JCPenney. The JCPenney store near my house is so convenient and since its not in a mall its I literally go in and out for what I want It's #SoWorthIt - It also may be the law of attraction. J

 I was able to find this adorable one piece bathing suit that I wore to the park. It was on sale, which made the purchase sweeter. Matter of fact, JCPenney is having all kinds of sales - they are offering free shipping online and 20% off all purchases more than $100. Thats so convenient for me and us busy moms on the go. They had all kinds of things on sale, my next purchase will be the massage seat. So next time, I share a new blog post I'll be getting a massage while I share my thoughts. :)

Hope you guys have enjoyed your summer as much as we have. What are some of your summer moments? Let me know where I should visit next summer. Anthony didn't get his NY trip in but hopefully we can make it this year or next.

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