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Eva Mendes First Interview Post-Baby

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eva Mendes First Interview Post-Baby

The beautiful Eva Mendes gave her first post-baby interview to Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, of Violet Grey. In the pictures, Eva is in one of her own designs for New York and Company.


The actress revealed to Grey, "I love a waist. I love a beautiful dress. When I am designing with my partners I try to think about the woman I'm designing for, where she's going, what her life is like. That's why I don't design jeans or many pants. I think the easiest way to make a woman look beautiful is to put her in a dress that fits her properly."

Eva is wearing the Coral Clusters Maria Dress from her holiday collection, available for purchase the first week of December for $99.95.
New York and Company celebrated the one year anniversary of Eva's collection for the retailer this past September. You can find the current collection here.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tina looking absolutely stunning at Solange's wedding

Over the weekend we got some exciting news! 

Beyoncé included audio of the Tina Knowles's speech  
that SpoiledLatina recorded!! 

The snippet is included towards the end of Beyonce's new song "Ring Off" and you can hear me and my famous "ummph" agreeing to her.
The song is so beautiful and honestly after seeing her in real life and holding the camera as long as I did, I am so glad that Beyonce was inspired to write this song. Tina Knowles' spirit is amazing. Not a dry eye in the room that afternoon..... Watch the Tina Knowles personal story video below. 


Hold your head high, but never your nose...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hold your head high, but never your nose...

She Did That, Again: Tamar Braxton Launches

Monday, November 17, 2014

She Did That, Again: Tamar Braxton Launches

Tamar Braxton launched her clothing line exclusively online at and it is fabulous. But did we really expect anything less from the Diva? To sum it up, her collection is fun, and refreshingly chic at a wonderful price.

We love her collection but here is what she had to say about it: 

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about looking fabulous without breaking the bank. So when designing this collection, it was important that the line had a wide variety of looks. A little everyday fashion, but also some runway looks at incredible prices. It is important to me that all of my fans feel like there is something for them” says Braxton.

The collection is a perfect mix. It is easy to see how the items would pair together. It is obvious from the welcome page that she wanted to do something that exceeded expectation. I mean, the site is even nice to just look at! And thankfully, the beauty doesn't stop there. The patterns and designs fit seamlessly with today's trends. While a lot of them boast a simplistic design, they send a powerfully confident message.

What makes the clothing line and website more special is the new virtual fitting room. It is insanely accurate! It asks for either all of your measurements, or simply your height and weight to give you a great idea of what the item would look like on you. 

"Tamar Collection is the only US-based fashion brand to use a photo-accurate, virtual fitting room solution in its e-commerce store. This technology enables shoppers to check the fit of any garment on a virtual avatar after entering his/her precise body shape and size. This technology will improve customer satisfaction and help eliminate the frustrating problem that e-shoppers experience of having to return items that do not fit."

Here are just a few of our favorites:

How cute is this for a sweet date night or girl's night?

This is beautiful and perfect for any holiday outing.

So stylish for a relaxing Saturday outing or Sunday brunch.

These will finish off any outfit. 


Gucci Timepiece & Jewelry present 2014 Latin Recording Academy® Person of the Year Gala: Joan Manuel Serrat

Gucci Timepiece & Jewelry present 2014 Latin Recording Academy® Person of the Year Gala: Joan Manuel Serrat


with special presentation to Best New Artist Nominees.

The event honoring the iconic singer and songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat will take place the night before The Biggest Night in Latin Music® at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. 

The special presentation is cool because the Nominees will receive the special edition Latin Grammy edition Gucci watch. The Gucci Latin Grammy edition was first released in 2011. It features the signature interlocking GG and a face that is meant to resemble a record with the groves. 
A portion of the proceeds from the Gucci Latin GRAMMY Collection benefit The Latin Recording Academy and it's efforts to support young and emerging artists. 

In July, Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry partnered with The Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation to being "Latin GRAMMY in The Schools" to Lima, Peru. It gave the youth a chance to learn about work of Juan Diego Flórez and "Sinfonia Por El Perú" and the Latin music industry from a panel of experienced musicians. The program also included new musical instruments as a joint pledge from the Cultural Foundation and and retail partners G&G Joyeros. 

The picture at the top of the page is actually a screenshot of the beautiful new widget available for download at 
It is the "official timekeeper" to the Latin GRAMMYs.

Be sure to watch the 15th annual Latin Grammys on 

Dia De Los Muertos-A Celebration to Remember

Monday, November 3, 2014

Saturday Hennessy VS and East End Gallery hosted a Dia De Los Muertos event honoring our loved ones who have passed away.

Dia De Los Muertas is a hispanic holiday where families gather to remember those who have passed. The traditions include building altars and leaving possessions on the graves of the loved ones. 

Elizabeth Gilbert- following our calling

Elizabeth Gilbert- following our calling

Elizabeth’s story was truly eye opening. She described her life as “going as planned.”  She had done everything right, everything that was expected. And, she was finally at the point where she should have been begun a family.

One problem, she -like many others- felt restless. She would ended up on the floor of her bathroom every night around 3 am, crying. She said something didn’t feel right. She needed more..  and she was fully aware that what she was doing was easy. And what she was about to do, terribly difficult.

During the process of her two year divorce, she found herself praying and crying in one of the busiest post offices in New York. During this session, the universal voice that had been talking to her told her to go out into New York and find something beautiful.

She thought to herself, “Beautiful? In New York?” But, none the less, she said felt resilient and determinded. Upon stepping foot out into the big city to begin her mission, there in the street was a line of elephants all dressed up and festive.

It would be a year later that she set out on her ultimate quest. Any hard times she hit through that year were often greeted with Elephants,  on sweaters, necklaces, newspapaers. Always a friendly reminder that, while her “planned life” was ending, but her real journey was just beginning.

One of her connecting examples is a story of a mother, 28, 5 kids, married. Again, sounds typical. Until one day, her husbands decides to never come home. That day, that women did a few things, got a job, and decided she would see the world by putting a $1 in a coffee can every day. She also decide that her life wouldn’t stay that way. 20 years later,  empty-nested, she cashed in those coffee cans and bought a freight ticket to spend a year going around the world.

Now the surprise isn’t in that she did it, she had promised herself she would. 

It is in the fact that her kids were shocked because they could never have imagined that that would have been one of her dreams. They hadn’t ever thought that their mother wanted anything more than to provide for them.  (I know I am definitely guilty of this.)

The  lesson in this, is listen to the universal voice. If something feels wrong, it is because you are meant to be doing else.