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Elizabeth Gilbert- following our calling

Monday, November 3, 2014

Elizabeth’s story was truly eye opening. She described her life as “going as planned.”  She had done everything right, everything that was expected. And, she was finally at the point where she should have been begun a family.

One problem, she -like many others- felt restless. She would ended up on the floor of her bathroom every night around 3 am, crying. She said something didn’t feel right. She needed more..  and she was fully aware that what she was doing was easy. And what she was about to do, terribly difficult.

During the process of her two year divorce, she found herself praying and crying in one of the busiest post offices in New York. During this session, the universal voice that had been talking to her told her to go out into New York and find something beautiful.

She thought to herself, “Beautiful? In New York?” But, none the less, she said felt resilient and determinded. Upon stepping foot out into the big city to begin her mission, there in the street was a line of elephants all dressed up and festive.

It would be a year later that she set out on her ultimate quest. Any hard times she hit through that year were often greeted with Elephants,  on sweaters, necklaces, newspapaers. Always a friendly reminder that, while her “planned life” was ending, but her real journey was just beginning.

One of her connecting examples is a story of a mother, 28, 5 kids, married. Again, sounds typical. Until one day, her husbands decides to never come home. That day, that women did a few things, got a job, and decided she would see the world by putting a $1 in a coffee can every day. She also decide that her life wouldn’t stay that way. 20 years later,  empty-nested, she cashed in those coffee cans and bought a freight ticket to spend a year going around the world.

Now the surprise isn’t in that she did it, she had promised herself she would. 

It is in the fact that her kids were shocked because they could never have imagined that that would have been one of her dreams. They hadn’t ever thought that their mother wanted anything more than to provide for them.  (I know I am definitely guilty of this.)

The  lesson in this, is listen to the universal voice. If something feels wrong, it is because you are meant to be doing else.

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