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SpoiledLatina radio interview

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last week I was interviewed by the Food Monsters a radio show on K Breeze Radio, hosted by Dom and his co-host Priya. I had not been interviewed on radio before so it was nice to be interviewed by someone that I know.  I talked about juggling mommy hood and my business, working with brands and #TeamHennessy. 

Also, on the same show was Ameer Jumabhoy who is an international polo player and model. 

After the interview, we ate at one of my favorite asian "spots" in Houston and the lobster was to die for!

Viva Mexico and Hispanic Heritage Month

Monday, September 15, 2014

Viva Mexico and Hispanic Heritage Month

It's Hispanic Heritage Month and I couldn't be more excited!
Hispanic Heritage celebrations since 1968 were celebrated for a week until President Reagan declared it to be celebrated a whole month back in 1988.  September 15th- October 16th;  is now Hispanic Heritage Month. Celebrating the Hispanics that came before me and the legacy they have left behind for us to learn about and teach our children about.

I have created my personal Pinterest board that I will be updating frequently this month with some of my favorite things to eat, stories that I will share with my son and fascinating facts about hispanics and the beautiful culture that we bring. 

Happy Independence Day to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Chile (9/18) Belize (9/21)  and of course to my motherland, MEXICO! ( I was born in the US but my roots are Mexican)

Saludos to all my hispanic brothers and sisters, who are making a difference in society and following your dreams to leave your own legacy.  We, Latinos are the driving force in US economics today and if you didn't know the major minority. We hold offices in government, business, sports and entertainment and we aren't going anywhere!

Viva Los Latinos! 

view my pinterest board here

SpoiledLatina featured in Latina Magazine

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SpoiledLatina featured in Latina Magazine
Honestly, don't know what to write right now. I am speechless, appreciative, thankful and honored to be featured in Latina Magazine, October issue. As a little girl growing up, I had dreams and goals and it is such a good feeling when you are recognized by the very magazine that I have read for years. Awesome feeling...

As I mentioned in a previous post, Eva Longoria graces the cover but ya girl (Me) is featured in page 32 of the same magazine!  One of my all time favorite eye make up applications is the cat eye. 
I love a thin cat eye to keep it classy and sexy but I also love a thick cat eye
 a la Amy Winehouse. 

My Latina style:

I just started using the Benefit push up liner and I love it! Must haves for the fall or if you're like me, all year long. 

Below are some of my past cat eye looks....

Anthony was about 3 months here... but my eyes!

Lisa Pelayo on the eyes
thinly lined, keeping it sexy
This was for an ad I did a few years ago.

Latina Magazine, October 2014 issue out now!!


Festival People [recap] Disney Love

Friday, September 5, 2014

If you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter you probably noticed I attended the festivities in San Antonio, that being Festival People. I was fortunate to connect with my Cricket Nation family who sponsored by travels in exchange for social media engagement and being that I am a Cricket Advocate that gave me and the people I connected with
 "Something to Smile About"! All opinions about the festival and Cricket are my own. 

So, this is the 3rd time the People en Español Festival has been held in San Antonio, and it was my first time attending so I was really excited to get on the road and on with the festivities.

I arrived in sunny San Antonio, where my Cricket phone service worked like a charm! We stayed the Grand Hyatt which is the white building. The parking was underground, and I was surprised that my phone had service while 2 levels below ground. 

Cover Girl #Instaglam

Matthew Hunter Correa with my son Anthony...this picture was retweeted by Matthew who happens to have been the voice of Diego on Disney Jr and has over 350 retweets! Thanks Matt!