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Viva Mexico and Hispanic Heritage Month

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Hispanic Heritage Month and I couldn't be more excited!
Hispanic Heritage celebrations since 1968 were celebrated for a week until President Reagan declared it to be celebrated a whole month back in 1988.  September 15th- October 16th;  is now Hispanic Heritage Month. Celebrating the Hispanics that came before me and the legacy they have left behind for us to learn about and teach our children about.

I have created my personal Pinterest board that I will be updating frequently this month with some of my favorite things to eat, stories that I will share with my son and fascinating facts about hispanics and the beautiful culture that we bring. 

Happy Independence Day to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Chile (9/18) Belize (9/21)  and of course to my motherland, MEXICO! ( I was born in the US but my roots are Mexican)

Saludos to all my hispanic brothers and sisters, who are making a difference in society and following your dreams to leave your own legacy.  We, Latinos are the driving force in US economics today and if you didn't know the major minority. We hold offices in government, business, sports and entertainment and we aren't going anywhere!

Viva Los Latinos! 

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