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Festival People [recap] Disney Love

Friday, September 5, 2014

If you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter you probably noticed I attended the festivities in San Antonio, that being Festival People. I was fortunate to connect with my Cricket Nation family who sponsored by travels in exchange for social media engagement and being that I am a Cricket Advocate that gave me and the people I connected with
 "Something to Smile About"! All opinions about the festival and Cricket are my own. 

So, this is the 3rd time the People en EspaƱol Festival has been held in San Antonio, and it was my first time attending so I was really excited to get on the road and on with the festivities.

I arrived in sunny San Antonio, where my Cricket phone service worked like a charm! We stayed the Grand Hyatt which is the white building. The parking was underground, and I was surprised that my phone had service while 2 levels below ground. 

Cover Girl #Instaglam

Matthew Hunter Correa with my son Anthony...this picture was retweeted by Matthew who happens to have been the voice of Diego on Disney Jr and has over 350 retweets! Thanks Matt!

TD Jakes and Myrka Dellanos shared a great conversation about Instinct which happens to be the names of the Pastors new book. I purchased the book and got it signed by the bishop. 

Mickey Mouse made his grand entrance at the beginning of the festival and yet again at the finale, it was very magical!

Thank you to Cricket for making this experience happen! If you want something to smile about, I strongly suggest you visit the Cricket website and see what everyone is smiling about!

Don Francisco loved the Cricket T-shirts

Thanks to Coca Cola for my personalized Coca Cola can and Thanks to Cricket again for the was great to see my amigos as well!

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