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Beyonce says she's a "Grown Woman" and I agree! mmmhmm

This is why she is the head "B" in charge!
Beyonce topped the charts this week with her new single "Grown Woman" co-written by The Dream and produced by Timbaland. Beyonce is one of those entertainers that both men and women love. She commands attention with just her presence but when she sings, her songs call for attention mix in some Dream and Timbo and it's no wonder that this song is the most popular song this week. 
click on the below to listen.

#HelloAio, Welcome to Houston!

Fun times at the Blogger Social for Aio Wireless. Who is Aio Wireless, well they are an AT&T subsidy (basically a company under a company) that is introducing us to to a more simple approach to going mobile here in the Houston area and expanding all over the U.S as we speak, or you read, I type, you know what I mean. lol

Told you simple! Love it and here is why... 3 simple plans $35, $50 & $65 and if you want to add UNLIMITED international calling to your plan it's just an extra 10 bucks! That totally beats a calling card. *just saying, I'm into saving money...well spending it on other things besides a bill. Ok back to simple... bring your own phone, if it's compatible keep it and use it or purchase a new one and get a credit towards your old phone. (very good deal, a friend received $250 towards a new iphone5 this day) 
What I loved loved loved about Aio was that they are not only taking up space in our communities, they are giving back to our communities. 

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Houston Image Expo- fun fun!

The Image Expo rolled into Houston over the weekend and I was able to attend the  first day. Wanted to go both days but had tons to do. I met so many fabulous people, got to know beauty brands that I otherwise probably never would have met and ultimately it was a blast. Shared the day with my bff blogger Magen Pastor. We scored lots of goodies, saw lots of new trends and made some great connections!   I was in heaven when I learned about these hair extensions! Mine will be shipped very soon.... Super easy to apply and take down hair extensions makes this product a must have!

Magen applying blush on with the biggest make up brush in the world!
Shany is a Houston based beauty brand who had the cutest make up bags, and make up cases. See the make up palette?  Yes, it's real makeup and it's soo cute I wanted to bring it home with me!

models for Recomier a salon only product, Hola Gustavo!

 You know I had to "Spoil Myself"

And so did should have s…

Tootsie's Spring Shopping Soiree

Spring was in the air at Tootsie's last week! I was invited to the Spring Soiree hosted by Fashion Bloggers Monica from Class and Fab, Bethany Buchanan and Julie Bortnik benefiting Pup Squad animal rescue. 

Cover Girl and The Hunger Games unite

CoverGirl makes a power move collabing with The Hunger Games. The movie which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Iam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson in the second installment of The Hunger Games franchise. 
The film promises to illustrate the exquisite splendor in the world of the Capitol in rich detail, and the film's makeup department used COVERGIRL products on set to create the film's luxurious, high couture looks. Which I can not wait to replicate.

"With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire partnership, we wanted to redefine cosmetics' relationship to film with a fantasy-meets-reality beauty experience," said Esi Eggleston Bracey , VP and General Manager, Global P&G Cosmetics. "The film inspired COVERGIRL campaign coming out this fall truly will bring beauty transformation to life in an aspirational, dramatic fashion. All of us at COVERGIRL were captivated by Suzanne Collins ' novels and the first film, so we're thrilled to collaborate with Lionsgate on suc…

Adidas Collective collab with Robert Hodge- video

Adidas Original and FootAction have joined forces to create a one of a kind retail shopping experience.  The Adidas Collective. I stopped by the Willowbrook Mall location in which Adidas Collective and  Robert Hodge a visual artist from Houston held an event.