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Beyonce says she's a "Grown Woman" and I agree! mmmhmm

Monday, May 27, 2013

This is why she is the head "B" in charge!
Beyonce topped the charts this week with her new single "Grown Woman" co-written by The Dream and produced by Timbaland. Beyonce is one of those entertainers that both men and women love. She commands attention with just her presence but when she sings, her songs call for attention mix in some Dream and Timbo and it's no wonder that this song is the most popular song this week. 

click on the below to listen.

singing while dancing ...."I'm a grown woman..I can do whateva I want..mmmhmmm.....mmmhmm"

Also if you have children or if you don't than you can earn some cool points (thank me later) and take your nieces or nephews to watch the new Disney animated movie Epic. Beyonce plays Queen Tara, Pitbull and Rosa Salazar also make an appearance. Can't wait to take my son to watch this, now the question is will he sit still and watch the movie. lol

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