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#HelloAio, Welcome to Houston!

Friday, May 24, 2013

This is a compensated post but all opions expressed are my own
Fun times at the Blogger Social for Aio Wireless. Who is Aio Wireless, well they are an AT&T subsidy (basically a company under a company) that is introducing us to to a more simple approach to going mobile here in the Houston area and expanding all over the U.S as we speak, or you read, I type, you know what I mean. lol

Alejandra with Aio, Miss Jennifer- Aio President, Me, Jen, Andrea and Taylor

Told you simple! Love it and here is why...
3 simple plans
$35, $50 & $65 and if you want to add UNLIMITED international calling to your plan it's just an extra 10 bucks! That totally beats a calling card. *just saying, I'm into saving money...well spending it on other things besides a bill. Ok back to simple...
bring your own phone, if it's compatible keep it and use it or purchase a new one and get a credit towards your old phone. (very good deal, a friend received $250 towards a new iphone5 this day) 

Jen looking very Aniston
What I loved loved loved about Aio was that they are not only taking up space in our communities, they are giving back to our communities. 

  • In "H-Town," Aio Wireless locked arms with Girls Inc. of Greater Houston, LULAC National Educational Service Centers and the Houston Area Urban League to find 30 talented students.
  • Each student selected receives a $1,000 scholarship.
  • ZTE, one of Aio's device manufacturers, is donating a super cool ZTE Velox tablet to each scholarship recipient because they know how much tablet technology is changing the way we take-in information and learn.
  • Our scholarship recipients' inspirational stories and dreams will be told on Aio's Facebook page for the next 30 days pictures, quotes and all.
  • A cool party and bumping DJ at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on May 30.That's where the students will receive their scholarship and the tablet.
Mason having a cocktail, much needed after all her help.

Dj was entertaining

Two Left Spoons yummy!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the event and this post...I don't know about you, but I am a big giver and believer in giving back. The fact that Aio hasn't been apart of my community for less than 30 days and is already giving back, shows a lot! Thanks Aio and Welcome to Houston!

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