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Spring/summer shorts

Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's HOT in Texas and pretty much anywhere you go during the Spring and Summer seasons. Shorts are a must have during these months, so I'm doing my best in sharing some of the trendiest shorts this season.. Enjoy!

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Love me some Ponytails

I absolutely love ponytails, in Spanish ponytail is chongo and I love Chongos so much that one of my nicknames is Chonga...Lol! Here a few ponytail styles that I'm loving. Enjoy these styles and If you love ponytails send me pictures and I'll post them ��

Asymmetrical Mini's ❤❤

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Asymmetrical Mini's ❤❤
I am loving these Asymmetrical skirts not only are they beautiful and a bit interesting but in my opinion they are perfect for accentuating our assets and hiding problem areas. I definitely recommend adding an Asymmetrical mini to your wardrobe this season. Very SpoiledLatina like.

Here are a few of my tips of finding the perfect Asymm mini that I think will help you choose the right one or ones :)

Decide on your budget. Asymmetrical skirts are so popular now that you can find inexpensive and designer prices.

Find what looks best on your body. Since we all come in different body types the same skirt can look differently on different girls. If you have great legs, go for miniskirts. If you are too skinny and want to create an illusion of a curvier look, try a skirt with ruffles. And in case your a lil gordita, opt for a piece with the shorter hem going as high as the mid part of your legs.

Think of how often you'll wear it, pick a material that you can easily throw in the wash if your opting for a casual look.

Asymmetrical skirts are very versatile. You can wear them in any season and to almost any occasion. If the weather is cold, pair your skirt up with a warm monotone sweater (especially if your skirt is printed!), opaque tights and heeled boots. You can also create layers by wearing a clinging top and a cardigan. Add accessories which complete the look but don’t distract attention from your unusual skirt.
Your summer look can be composed of an asymmetrical skirt, a simple t-shirt or a tank top, a pair of sandals, a bag, and some jewelry.


Are you a Pregzilla?!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Are you a Pregzilla?!
Casting Call::: y'all remember Bridezilla right? Ok this casting is for Pregnant Fiesty woman who are I used to watch Bridezilla for a while until those zillas got on my nerves and stopped watching.

I don't remember being a Pregzilla maybe a lil bossy at times and maybe once I was in the Pregzilla category and I'll just leave it at that haha :)

So the details are, If your pregnant or know someone who is and has an over the top personality than have them visit for more information.

Good Luck!


Beyonce's Tumblr

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beyonce's Tumblr

Spoil Yourself

Hello Spoiled Ones! You've heard of Spring Cleaning your house, your wardrobe... Its time to Spring Clean yourself!! Thats right, researchers say that Spring is the best time to get that fabulous feeling back in our life. I believe I am a Spoiled Latina not because someone spoils me but because I think a Spoiled Latina should spoil herself. I think we work so hard maintaining our home, children, friendships at times we forget about ourselves... Today is about YOU!

These are some easy steps that'll help motivate you to feel #spoiled its not about having material things ( although it helps) its about a feeling in your sole. Feeling good is a way of Spoiling yourself :)

William Levy-10 things you didn't know

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

William Levy-10 things you didn't know
1. He was born in Cuba and became an exile at age 14.

2. Levy isn't his real last name! It's Gutirrez.

3. He has two tots: Christopher Alexander, 5, and Kailey Alexandra, 2.

4. Acting wasn't his first passion -- baseball was! He got an athletic scholarship to St. Thomas University in Miami.

5. He's no stranger to reality TV. William shot to fame on the Spanish-language reality show Isla de la Tentacin.

6. William starred on a 2008 episode of the Mexican version of Sesame Street.

7. He posed nearly nude for the risqu underwear label N2N, once wearing only a see-through thong.

8. In 2011, People en Espaol crowned him the Sexiest Man alive.

9. He'll star on the new season of VH1's Single Ladies -- his first English-language role!

10. Best of all, he's often called the "Cuban Brad Pitt"!

J.Lo does it again

J.Lo does it again
Apparently she loves to bring her personal life into her videos...of course looking extra Hot, J.Lo will debut her latest music video with boyfriend Casper Smart as her main boy toy in the video. Check out some of the screen shots 😱

Tune in tomorrow to American Idol to watch... I sure will!

Mexican Easter & Cascarones

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mexican Easter & Cascarones
When I was little, my family would all hang out and make cascarones which are confetti filled eggs, in celebration of Easter and the Easter hunts..of course before Easter my brothers and cousins would have already cracked some on each of our     

Painted by Carmen Lomas Garza
Many cultures have an egg tradition especially around Easter.  In Mexico it's common to see colored eggs thrown at fiestas during carnaval, just before lent. They're not hard boiled like the eggs in the U.S Easter egg tradition. Instead they're eggs that have been hollowed out and have a surprise filling - called cascarones. Several sources, including, credit Carlotta, the wife of Emperor Maximilian, for bringing the tradition to Mexico. According to this theory, Carlotta brought the perfume-filled eggs to Mexico in the 1860s while her husband ruled the nation. The eggs caught on, with cheaper confetti replacing the perfume.

If your interested in making your own cascarones... I've added some directions below. Have fun!!

Materials: Dozen eggs, bowl, egg dying kit or paint & brushes, confetti, glue, tissue paper

  1. Tap the end of an egg gently on bowl and peel out a 1/2 ” hole. Let the egg contents flow empty into the bowl.
  2. Rinse out the egg with water and let it dry out upside down. Be very careful, the egg is fragile!
  3.  Once it is dry, you can either use an egg dying kit to color the eggs, or you can paint on your own designs.
  4. Carefully fill the egg with confetti and put a thin strip of glue around the edge of the opening.
  5. Cut a piece of colored tissue paper that is a little bigger than the size of the hole in the egg, and press it over the opening.  
  6. Now you have beautiful cascarones to hide in the yard and hunt for, or crack overyour friend’s heads. (Never crack an egg ON someone’s head, that will hurt!)