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Spoil Yourself

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello Spoiled Ones! You've heard of Spring Cleaning your house, your wardrobe... Its time to Spring Clean yourself!! Thats right, researchers say that Spring is the best time to get that fabulous feeling back in our life. I believe I am a Spoiled Latina not because someone spoils me but because I think a Spoiled Latina should spoil herself. I think we work so hard maintaining our home, children, friendships at times we forget about ourselves... Today is about YOU!

These are some easy steps that'll help motivate you to feel #spoiled its not about having material things ( although it helps) its about a feeling in your sole. Feeling good is a way of Spoiling yourself :)

In January, the pressure to improve your lifestyle, whether it be through diets, detox or exercise videos, can leave a woman's self-confidence at an all-time low. Research also states that women feel they'd be more able to stick with 'spring resolutions' when they feel better about themselves. From my experience in confidence, being a woman, I think motivational March is a time when women have a more positive mental attitude and are most likely to make changes to their lifestyle, because they see the climate change, time for spring wear and Spring and Summer are happy seasons. I love it personally!

So here you go... SPOIL YOURSELF:::: Get that magic feeling in these easy steps

1. Magnetise

Captivating others is a great way of making yourself feel fabulous, and glamour is a core strategy for increasing your 'stand-out factor'. As first impressions are formed in the first few seconds, simple confidence tricks like adopting a dramatic change to eye make-up or accessorising with a striking piece of jewellery can bring about a positive change in how others perceive you. Swap ideas (and accessories) with a friend to help get you out of your style comfort zone.

2. Activate

Exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) and head massage stimulates blood supply to your brain to energise you, so combine the two as an easy energiser. Don't be shy, march briskly whilst singing an uplifting song at the same time to stimulate the left and right side of the brain. You'll probably cheer up those around you too, spreading the fabulousness as you go!

3. Glorify

Perception is reality! Boost your self-belief by reminding yourself aloud of the three things you like about your personality, your three best physical features and three successes of which you're truly proud.

4. Indulge

People who believe they're worthy of treats generally feel more fabulous & spoiled than those who don't. Make time every day to pamper yourself, spoil yourself! Massage your face, hands, and if possible, feet with a rich moisturiser, drink a glass of ice cold water and indulge your sense of smell by dabbing a small amount of an exotic fragrance on the back of your neck and the pulse points on the insides of your wrists. Washing your clothes with the luxurious fragrance of Lenor Crushed Silk and Jasmine is also a great way to indulge the senses.

5. Compose

Sit down comfortably with your eyes closed. As you inhale, clench your muscles and release them on the exhale. Do this three times while visualizing yourself in a positively fabulous & spoiled situation, smiling and laughing. This will have an uplifting effect on the hormonal system. By now you should begin to feel noticeably more fabulous than when you started.

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