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Asymmetrical Mini's ❤❤

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am loving these Asymmetrical skirts not only are they beautiful and a bit interesting but in my opinion they are perfect for accentuating our assets and hiding problem areas. I definitely recommend adding an Asymmetrical mini to your wardrobe this season. Very SpoiledLatina like.

Here are a few of my tips of finding the perfect Asymm mini that I think will help you choose the right one or ones :)

Decide on your budget. Asymmetrical skirts are so popular now that you can find inexpensive and designer prices.

Find what looks best on your body. Since we all come in different body types the same skirt can look differently on different girls. If you have great legs, go for miniskirts. If you are too skinny and want to create an illusion of a curvier look, try a skirt with ruffles. And in case your a lil gordita, opt for a piece with the shorter hem going as high as the mid part of your legs.

Think of how often you'll wear it, pick a material that you can easily throw in the wash if your opting for a casual look.

Asymmetrical skirts are very versatile. You can wear them in any season and to almost any occasion. If the weather is cold, pair your skirt up with a warm monotone sweater (especially if your skirt is printed!), opaque tights and heeled boots. You can also create layers by wearing a clinging top and a cardigan. Add accessories which complete the look but don’t distract attention from your unusual skirt.
Your summer look can be composed of an asymmetrical skirt, a simple t-shirt or a tank top, a pair of sandals, a bag, and some jewelry.