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I Love Sushi! If you follow me on twitter, you know that I literally twit pic weekly my sushi pics.  The cooked  sushi is what I like best, still haven't gotten around to the raw stuff...but I'm sure I will soon. For years I have been stuck on Shrimp Tempura w/ a slice of jalapeno and avocado. Can you please say YUMMY?!! I have found a jewel in the middle of a North Houston suburb, called Wasabi.
Wasabi is owned by a guy named Johnny, he is from Arizona, came to Houston for a change and opened up shop and is doing his thing. First of all, I won't just eat anywhere. If I have not been somewhere I always google for reviews, So I did Google a sushi location in Humble, TX and this was one of the places, it lured me in when it the reviews said it had a bar with a variety of wines, liquor and beers. It also said if I get to tipsy to drive home, there is a limo outside that will take me home. Of course I will never get totally wasted and need a driver, but for you party heads th…

Dear Hater

Houston we have a problem! With so much talent in this city, it is no wonder Miss Mykie is up next. I heard this song a while back and loved it from the get, even when I used my myspace this was my profile song :) Definitely an anthem for self motivation and empowerment. Miss Mykie is a friend of mine, so I have to show her love on my blog, and soon she will be our guest on The Sweet Spot! Much love and continued success to her. Peep her new video here... and follow her on twitter @missmykie Shout out to Yung Chill and Keys and Ink... umm and Chill, that was way wrong grabbing the ball instead of Mykie!! lol

Still On

Paul Wall and Yung Chill head to L.A. to record the video for "Still On" peep the behind the scenes here. "Heart of a Champion" in stores now!!


713 Ironically that is Houston's area code and Houston's own  Paul Wall and Roxxi Jane both are dropping their newest albums!!
Paul's album "Heart of A Champion" is coming out under the SwishaHouse/Asylum umbrella and is available online at ITunes, by clicking here
I had the pleasure in listening to the Paul album which features appearances by Yo Gotti, Jay Electronica, Kid Sister among others and a surprise rapping appearance by Johnny Dang. Yes the jeweler! The song is entitled "Stay Iced Up" actually that is one of my favorite songs. My other favorite is "My City" ft. Yo Gotti and Dallas Blocker. Preview Paul Wall's album at his facebook page
Johnny Dang hosted The SwishaHouse Representa's listening party on Friday and it was a very good look, with Houston's who's the building! more pics at
Pop Artist and my co-host Roxxi Jane is set to drop tomorrow as well!! Everybody Loves Pink

Her single "Hu…

Baby Bash and Steph Jones on The Sweet Spot

Going 7 weeks strong!! On our latest Sweet Spot Show Roxxi and I interviewed Baby Bash and Steph Jones and what a show it was! Bash was hilarious and Steph was the same... I think this show was one of our best simply because we were really comfortable asking the guests questions and not really holding our tongue on the topics that were asked and it was laughing and more laughing the whole show! Thanks Steph and Bash for calling into the show... Stay Tuned next week as we have super hip hop duo producers Beanz & Kornbread who have production on the latest Paul Wall project as well as Dallas Blocker's "Rock yo Body"


I am absolutely thrilled to finally be showing you guys the children 's clothing line I have been working is still in the works but the website is up... I am getting my baby models ready for a photoshoot and setting up a launch date for the website. Stay Tuned!!

Aventura concert

I have also had the pleasure in reaching out and interviewing Johnny Marines  who is the man behind the Latin Music Sensations Aventura  . To me, Johnny is a very humble guy from New York that is not only happy to be doing what he loves, it seems that he hasn't changed who he is even though his bank account has some extra 0's.  I was excited to interview him, to ask him, how he started in the music business and his success to the many groupies that come with being attached to these Mega Super Stars.  listen here if you missed The Sweet Spot.  Johnny was nice enough to give me tickets to the show back in December, on the coldest day of the year...rain, sleet and snow, but I was there and my tickets were awesome. He gave me passes for this 2nd show in Houston and the tickets were again fabulous!!  I love me some Aventura and so does 10k more of the Houstonians who showed up to dance the night away.  I was happy to be with some of my girls....

My Beauty Blender

I love my peeps at Top 5 Management in New York!!  I reached out to my friend Danny  who recently launched one of NY's leading beauty agencies, T5M and he introduced me to 3 of his Top 5 makeup/hair stylists that he currently manages. Since doing the radio show, I have interviewed Jackie Gomez, Cesar Ramirez and just last week I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Henao who was the 1st stylist to ever sign with Top5.

If you have ever wanted a Beauty Blender and didn't know how to apply your make up with it, well listen to the show and Victor literally gives us step by step directions to picture perfect, red carpet ready, celebrity make up artist secrets of techniques on how to use my new pink baby :) Listen to The Sweet Spot  

I applied my own make-up with the pretty little pink sponge and I must say, I feel as If I am my own Celebrity Make Up My face was flawless, because simply using this pink tear drop sponge makes you look that Fab, no streaks or blotchiness.…