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Aventura concert

Friday, July 2, 2010

I have also had the pleasure in reaching out and interviewing Johnny Marines  who is the man behind the Latin Music Sensations Aventura  . To me, Johnny is a very humble guy from New York that is not only happy to be doing what he loves, it seems that he hasn't changed who he is even though his bank account has some extra 0's.  I was excited to interview him, to ask him, how he started in the music business and his success to the many groupies that come with being attached to these Mega Super Stars.  listen here if you missed The Sweet Spot.  Johnny was nice enough to give me tickets to the show back in December, on the coldest day of the year...rain, sleet and snow, but I was there and my tickets were awesome. He gave me passes for this 2nd show in Houston and the tickets were again fabulous!!  I love me some Aventura and so does 10k more of the Houstonians who showed up to dance the night away.  I was happy to be with some of my girls....

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