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My Beauty Blender

Friday, July 2, 2010

I love my peeps at Top 5 Management in New York!!  I reached out to my friend Danny  who recently launched one of NY's leading beauty agencies, T5M and he introduced me to 3 of his Top 5 makeup/hair stylists that he currently manages. Since doing the radio show, I have interviewed Jackie Gomez, Cesar Ramirez and just last week I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Henao who was the 1st stylist to ever sign with Top5.

If you have ever wanted a Beauty Blender and didn't know how to apply your make up with it, well listen to the show and Victor literally gives us step by step directions to picture perfect, red carpet ready, celebrity make up artist secrets of techniques on how to use my new pink baby :) Listen to The Sweet Spot  

I applied my own make-up with the pretty little pink sponge and I must say, I feel as If I am my own Celebrity Make Up My face was flawless, because simply using this pink tear drop sponge makes you look that Fab, no streaks or blotchiness. If you want to apply your make up in a hurry and look red carpet ready, I definitely recommend it!

*make sure to click on the names to find out more about these fabulous make up artists who only cater to the stars* or people who just wanna look like one*

(DISCLAIMER: The Beautyblender was provided to me courtesy of beautyblender. This review does not reflect the opinions of beautyblender but of myself.)