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Spoiled Latina Goals Giveaway

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Cutest outfit from Pretty Little Thing

To end the year on a grand note, let's do a goal giveaway!!

Part of my main goal for 2019 personally is to get back in shape. With so many ways to lose weight, I am going to stick the the natural way of kicking my own ass and making it happen. I, of course like to look good while I work out, something about looking good makes me feel good if I look good. lol Weird I know, but honestly, if we look bumby we will feel bumby. I purchased a few items on the Pretty Little Thing website - their activewear is super cute and not only can I wear them to work out but also can use them just wear on a normal day - its called athleisure, and I'm all about that life!

 Ok, back to the giveaway - I want to help you get your 2019 off to a great start, with some basic but necessary essentials that I love and I know will help with boosting your confidence and feel empowered after using one of these items. 
I've gathered a few of my favorite items to go along with each goal and a brief little explanation as to why. Trust me, they will be a great addition to the new year.

  • Cafe Bustelo - Cafe con Leche instant coffee packs. Easy, convenient and delicious!!
  • Spoiled Latina coffee mug - this to go along with the Cafe Bustelo, it'll help boost our day and get us going and moving towards our goals. 
  • Crest White Strips and Crest 3D Whitening Therapy because your smile is everything and after drinking coffee these will totally help. I swear by the strips, life changer!
  • Body Fantasies - body spray in Hearts and Daisies scent - my favorite scent in the collection. Throw it in your purse, leave it in the car or simply splash it on right after the shower and leave it in your powder room to use next time. 
  • Beauty Blender - I'm all about a flawless face and I live with my Beauty Blender. Anyone who knows me knows - BB are life.  To help you achieve that flawless look with makeup, Beauty Blender to the rescue! Beauty Blender all about face kit and blotterazzi pro. 
  • Shea Moisture - Manuka Honey & Yogurt - hair treatment.
  • Nyakio - Kenyan Coffee body scrub
  • Pretty Little Thing - black paneled leggings - working out is a must in the new year, I got a few items from Pretty Little Thing's activewear section and giving away a pair of leggings so that you too can work out in style. 
  • Spoiled Latina - crew neck - to wear with your PLT leggings :)

Thank you so much for supporting my blog. Your support means everything to me and this is just a small appreciation for giving me a chance to live out my own little dreams! 

CLICK on the PICTURE BELOW to enter.....GOOD LUCK!!!


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