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Moments in San Antonio - video

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The month of December has gone so fast, just as 2018 has. What an amazing year, and what an amazing way to start the last month of the year by heading on a mini road trip to San Antonio for a Holiday Influencer event hosted by Marisa of Mexi Moments with a special guest... Me! 

This weekend was already a busy weekend for me, I had a pop up shop the day before the San Antonio drive and my brunch and the Chevrolet Colorado that was loaned to me for the week was such a BIG help! I drive a small car in real life so when I had the opportunity to drive a pick up, I jumped on the opp. I was able to transport my Jefita Bonita merch to and from all my events this weekend. The weather wasn't pleasant (all my vehicle pics were bad) so having the extra back seat space helped so that my items didn't get water damage.

 Thank you, Chevrolet for supporting Latina Entrepreneurs!  

Marisa and I met a few years back. She was a new blogger and started a series of highlighting women who inspired her and she would share it on her blog.  She reached out to me and asked to interview me and me being me, I said yes. Fast forward to a year or so later, meeting her at Selena Mac launch. I was covering the event and she was in line. She actually had a good spot considering the 15k or so people there. We always kept in touch, most recently she attended SLDAY 2018 and was inspired to do something for in San Antonio and introduce me to the fab ladies of San Antonio. That's exactly how this event happened. I am thankful to meet followers who turn into people I can count on to help in anyway to build our brands. 

San Antonio was a great vibe. I sat and chatted with strangers who were so nice, shared a piece of me with each of them and they shared stories with me as well about our goals, business questions were answered and advice was given. We all have one thing in common, we all want to succeed. It was beautiful seeing a room full of Latina Entrepreneurs and future Latina Leaders of San Antonio. 

Take a look at the video, thanks to Sway Rodriguez for filming!

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