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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It’s the last day of 2018, and I am so thankful for this community. I dreamt of having my own business, and running it how I wanted and here I am. Not perfect, but better.
So many memorable moments which I shared on my Instagram

So many great things happened in 2018,  but also just as we left up our highs we have to talk about our lives which made us who we are today.  This year was definitely a roller coaster ride, I left a career that I love to focus and fulfill my lifelong passion of having my own business and really focus on my blog. I created a clothing line, which is small, still in the making, still my baby. But it’s mine and during that time I wasn’t sure if I should, I had Merch before but nothing quite like I really wanted. With the support of my hubby and him calling me a boss mom, I did it! There’s plenty of us who are bosses in our own right. Of course, I overcame that battle inside my head, because it’s my battle and I win my battles. I have learned to not let negativity consume my mind, I have learned to not allow what other people to influence or change my energy. I continue to do what God is blessing me to do, and always always and all ways follow my intuition.  People are rude, ignorant, and that has nothing to do with you.

Jefita Bonita, is growing and glowing!

SL Day Was nothing short of amazing.  What started off as a celebration or recognition from city of Houston to myself I want to recognize the amazing and powerful women in our community that I creating a space for us to get together and grow.

 So thankful for the sponsors and made the day even better, sponsor such as Macy’s or donate it to a Raices Texas. So many connections are made, all work and friendships were made, and I am just always so happy to hear all of the amazing connections and relationships that are made just by attending SL Day. You guys 2019 as hell day it’s going to be so much fun so please prepare your July calendar’s now.

Throughout the year there are so many events that I attend and I always like to send thank you cards and since the world has gone digital -  I use  Paperperless post. Paperless post is a cool site with many varieties of birthday cards, invitations, thank you cards and more - lots of free stuff but also cute and affordable digital cards with envelopes! I highly recommend you guys use them this year! 

So no matter what you go through - throughout the next year always be grateful, send thank you cards, send people their flowers while they are alive.

Other great things that happened were attending Latin Billboard and Latin American Music Awards. Both, the ONLY person from Houston on the red  carpet! Another amazing feeling, I met everyone working press and its always a "Wow, you're from Houston?"  yup! Represent

My son is now 8, going on 9 in January and he also had an amazing year. I think on of his favorite moments was meeting Bad Bunny.

I partnered with Sprint this year to host a back to school event with Prince Royce.

Made it in the Business section of Houston Chronicle.

Started a podcast! It Was All A Dream with my cohost Elyse!

Playa Del Carmen vibes

Now go and be GREAT!!!

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