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Looking Good is the Best Revenge

Thursday, May 19, 2011

That's right!!! Looking Good is the Best Revenge and if you want to look your best you have to wear the best, in make up that is. As women, one of the many challenges we face daily is "trying to look good" from what to wear, to how you want to wear you hair, than its the purse decision...It is hard being a WOMAN period. One of the many ways to feel good and look good starts with our face which leads to make up.  Face Atelier was Founded by Debbie Bundar. Face Atelier is a brand who is not only committed to helping women of all ages realize that there is nothing wrong with them as they are. And as the company states, It is a brand, that knows in order to get through the day, we must put our best FACE forward...I like that!

My make up artist Lisa Pelayo introduced me to Face Atelier while she was beautifying me for my TV shoots. The make up wasn't cakey, it was soft and fit well with my skin. She always mentioned to me that they didn't add scents or flavors to their product. The make up wasn't tested on Animals ever & Face Atelier is a proud Peta advocate. Nice! Than she mentioned Madonna, Lady Gaga and all the top females, who its a must they look good, wear Face Atelier. So it was a Must SpoiledLatina try it as well!  Loved it and Now I'm hooked!

My absolute favorite is the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation- makes my face look 1000 times better. lol seriously! Especially when I apply it with my Beauty Blender :) 

No matter what skintone or undertone you have, this foundation is guaranteed to be a perfect match. "It's the only brand I use when I work with Zoe Saldana, Beyonce or Chanel Iman," Jackie Gomez of Top 5 Management told Latina Magazine.

Make up for woman of color!!

La J.Lo

If your still not sure about Face Atelier, no problem. They have samples for sale at for $1 

Now hurry place your order...Time is waiting on no one and it's a must you look Fabulous today!!


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