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Cool Care the safe way to Style

Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you are like me and use a blow dryer, a straightening iron, than a curling iron to get you looking fabulous everyday,  than you know how crazy your restroom area can get! Well lucky for us females, there is now a "Cool Care" Cool Care, is a holder either for counter top or for wall mount. It has 2 slots big enough for a blow dryer and a curling or straitening iron.  I chose the Counter top version. It's best for when you have a lot of counter space.

What is so special about this Cool Care you ask? It is a stainless steel holder that makes it safe to have HOT hair appliances around children. If you didn't know, More than 98,000 children under the age of 14, required burn treatment in hospital emergency rooms according to the latest available statistics. The most common burns occur due to "product-related" thermal burns. Hair Iron and Curling irons top the list The Cool Care allows you to safely place your hair appliances in the slots while they are on instead of placing them on the counter and risk a child getting hurt. Plus, don't worry about touching the steel holder accidentally and burning you because it WON'T! And if you don't have children, its just as good, because you'll have your stuff organized :)
I am loving my Cool Care but I absolutely approve of this product! 

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