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Pretty in Pink

Saturday, May 21, 2011

 OMG...Last night was so fun! I stepped out of my normal element and let my friend drive while I road passenger seat, and for those who know me, I do not let anyone ever drive me. Unless its paid :) I love being in control of my surroundings, where to go, and how to drive. I had a blast, laughing at my friend who does not drive on the freeways, drive on a freeway! And ate at a late night spot, and got home at 5 a.m!! Never again! But it was fun, just in case the world ended today I wanted to go out with a I stopped by Grooves Houston for an 80's party and as always, paparazzi followed ;-)
My dress is a vintage dress that belonged to my mother when she was my age. I live for it!!
Comedian Don D.C. Curry was there...he told me I was a gorgeous lady! #ThankYouSir

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