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Security by Reliant .... why it works for me

My life is entirely too busy and knowing whats happening at home is my #1 priority. With Security by Reliant, we get around-the-clock security that you can control from anywhere, so you’re always protected. Plus, Reliant Energy customers can save money by using a package for electricity and security and you know I'm all about saving coins while keeping my family first. I honestly, don’t know if I can live without a security system installed in my home. I just feel a bit safer knowing that if I have my alarm set that anything happens I am alerted right away. I mean look at that little face of Anthony’s when he was a baby —when you have children and they have that smile and your heart - monitoring them is everything.
The summer is almost over, and last minute vacations are a must sometimes. One less worry is knowing your home is protected by a service such as Reliant where you can check in and view your cameras remotely, adjust your thermostat from anywhere, program lights and oth…