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Security by Reliant .... why it works for me

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored blog post partnership with Reliant. All opinions expressed are my own.

My life is entirely too busy and knowing whats happening at home is my #1 priority. With Security by Reliant, we get around-the-clock security that you can control from anywhere, so you’re always protected. Plus, Reliant Energy customers can save money by using a package for electricity and security and you know I'm all about saving coins while keeping my family first. I honestly, don’t know if I can live without a security system installed in my home. I just feel a bit safer knowing that if I have my alarm set that anything happens I am alerted right away. I mean look at that little face of Anthony’s when he was a baby —when you have children and they have that smile and your heart - monitoring them is everything.

The summer is almost over, and last minute vacations are a must sometimes. One less worry is knowing your home is protected by a service such as Reliant where you can check in and view your cameras remotely, adjust your thermostat from anywhere, program lights and other electronic devices to turn on and off automatically and enjoy 24/7 monitoring and response from their experienced monitoring team. And, If you have a pet Reliant has programming available so your system doesn’t react to your four-legged family members, which is great because they are safe and being monitored too.

You can choose the right level of security for you and your home because Reliant has customizable plans for everything from motion detection to specialized locks. All packages include 24/7 monitoring. I’m a worrier and it always helps when you know you're protected somehow. We can also receive text or email alerts to keep you informed any time the alarm goes off. Which I love because I stay on my phone and can see the alerts from anywhere with the Reliant Connect app!

Don’t worry if you already have a security system installed, Security by Reliant is probably compatible with your existing equipment making it easy to make a switch.

Here are some of the features you can get from the cameras -- night vision, two way audio, full color night vision and the plans have all types of plans to meet your needs. If you've been looking for a new security and monitoring system - look no further.

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