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Deepak Chopra: Love and Compassion [Part 2]

Again thanks to Toyota for allowing me to experience the Oprah Life You Want Weekend in Houston.
It was truly inspirational.

Oprah's first speaker, Deepak Chopra, respected for his holistic views, was a breath of fresh air. He outlined "7 Steps to an Awesome Life" help embrace and love your life. While these are a simple overview, I feel like they are thought provoking enough for you to apply and enjoy.

Standing O-vation for the Zaky

While attending Life You Want Weekend Houston, I was introduced to the most amazing story.
Yamile Jackson, son Zachary Jackson, invertor of the Zaky was presented with a $25,000 grant from Toyota.

The Zaky, available here, started out as a way for Yamile to help comfort her son while she had to leave him in the hospital. She bought garden gloves, filled them with beads to help hold her scent while she slept. She then left them to help comfort Zachary. 
The nurses recognized how well Zach slept that night and all the other nights after. When Zachary was better an able to leave the hospital, they called Yamile and asked if she could bring in more gloves. Since then, she has produced some 40,000 Zakys which are in use in over 300 hospitals around the world.

Such an amazing story that was definitely deserving of a Standing O-vation!
Thank you Toyota for allowing me to attend such a wonderful event.

SpoiledLatina Loves...

I've been on the road a lot lately and that has me missing home.  So My Favorite Items of the Week are all about Texas and ease of travel.
1. Fabulous Bracelet from Jordan Loves James Jewelry You can't go wrong with this beautiful Texas shape bracelet. It goes with pretty much any outfit and blends effortlessly with other accessories. It's the perfect balance between State Pride and chic.
2. The Beauty Butler You know how your make-up is all over your purse? Well this is the perfect solution. It is neat, compact, and easy to see, and exactly what my purse needs. I saw this on Instagram right before I left the states and can't wait to get my hands on it. 
3. Mophie Juice Pack This is a must-have while traveling.  It helps give my phone an extra charge without taking up too much space.  I know I will always be able to capture the moment with this battery handy. 
4. River Star Farms Texas Shaped Candle in 'Leather and Lace' How pretty this looks on my coffee tabl…

Oprah #LifeYouWantWeekend #Tour was nothing short of life changing [Part 1]

This post will start off a 4-part recap of the Life You Want Tour. I will go over what I took away from each speaker.  I hope that I do a good enough job that you too be able to understand how to have the Life You Want.

To begin with, being in the presence of Oprah for two days in a row was a feat on its OWN. (see what I did there?) But, secondly the way she and her guest speakers spoke life into your soul was honestly a privilege to enjoy.

Oprah opened with a segmented on how our lives are connected by dots. She explained how our "dots" connect to make our life what it is today. One of her "dots" was when she was about still very little. Her grandmother, who was caring for her, was outside boiling clothes and hanging them. Oprah was standing on the doorway about to churn butter when her grandmother shouted back at her, "You better watch me real good because one day you will have to do the same." At that moment, Oprah thought in her head, "No I am not.…

Join me for the #BWFashion Twitter Party!


I have been traveling a lot lately, just within in the past month I have been in New York and Los Angeles. And, while I love it while I am there, I can't say that packing is my favorite thing to do (especially since I am usually doing it last minute!) However, this is a list of my must haves while traveling that ensure I am always comfortable while on the road. 

While I travel, I love being ready for anything so I can make the most out of my trip! So,  my essentials center around comfort and protection allowing me to refresh on-the-go.

ABC 13 Houston highlights Yvonne Guidry of for #HHM

When I first started my blog, I didn't have a plan. All I knew was I loved music, I loved fashion and all things pertaining to beauty. I also knew I wanted to share my thoughts with the whole world and since the internet was something semi new at the time, I logged into blogger and created my first blog post.  Fast forward 6 years later and now my blog has been featured in multiple national magazines, I have spoken on several blogging panels, have a large number of followers and my blog gets thousands of visits daily. 
As I grew older, I knew that I was also being followed by young Latina's and young women everywhere and I wanted to be a role model in their lives whether I personally knew them or not. I want them to know that no matter where you came from or what situation you are living, that as long as they keep pushing and pursuing their dreams they can become reality.  So many times being stuck in a rut feels as though you will never outgrow that situation, but in all hon…

O Town Is Coming To Houston! [Giveaway]

Thats right! Not only is Oprah coming to Houston from October 17-18th, she is bring her own O Town with her!

The“Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend” tour is a transformational tour that is meant to "engage, encourage, and empower." It is going  to help you take charge and start making "the life you want" happen! The eight-city tour will be stopping here in Houston on October 17th through the 18th. It will feature Oprah and an array of special guests, all sponsored by Toyota and Olay. Friday, Oprah takes the stage with inspirational insight and then Saturday she leads a day-long event with hand-picked special guests in each city. 

Tina Knowles personal story

Last week, I attended a Women and Money Luncheon where Tina Knowles was the Key Note Speaker and listening to her personal story was truly inspirational. This was HER story not the Beyonce or Destiny's Child's story. Listen to hear how she persevered and how strong she is today and has always been.

Miss Tina also received the Key to the City of Houston which made October 2nd, Tina Knowles Day and if that wasn't enough it was proclaimed Tina Knowles Day all over the U.S.A. 
Congrats Miss Tina!

JCPenney partners with Gonzo Soccer in Houston

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with JCPenney and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
Last week I had the opportunity to attend a soccer clinic hosted by Gonzo Soccer and JCPenny. This new partnership is nothing short of amazing. The clinic allowed girls, ages 8-16 years old, to come and receive pro soccer tips and tricks from Monica Gonzalez, the founder of Gonzo Soccer. The girls received life skills training to help develop them to be leaders in the community. The girls were also treated to the latest sporty hair trends provided by JCP Salon. They enjoyed healthy snacks, refreshments and music, and even got to make their own custom Xersion jerseys!