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Standing O-vation for the Zaky

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

While attending Life You Want Weekend Houston, I was introduced to the most amazing story.

Yamile Jackson, son Zachary Jackson, invertor of the Zaky was presented with a $25,000 grant from Toyota.

The Zaky, available here, started out as a way for Yamile to help comfort her son while she had to leave him in the hospital. She bought garden gloves, filled them with beads to help hold her scent while she slept. She then left them to help comfort Zachary. 

The nurses recognized how well Zach slept that night and all the other nights after. When Zachary was better an able to leave the hospital, they called Yamile and asked if she could bring in more gloves. Since then, she has produced some 40,000 Zakys which are in use in over 300 hospitals around the world.

Such an amazing story that was definitely deserving of a Standing O-vation!

Thank you Toyota for allowing me to attend such a wonderful event.

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