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The ultimate Galentine’s day event

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The ultimate Galentine’s day event

If you have ever attended one of SpoiledLatina’s events than you already know the vibes, but if you haven’t than get ready for a fun night out with the girls to celebrate Galentine’s!

This year we are celebrating Galentine’s Day with my H-E-B as a presenting sponsor and Team SpoiledLatina bringing you a pink and red Galentines Soirée with light bites & sweets + cash bar, games, giveaways, a curated mercadito with some awesome vendors who dancing to the tunes of DJ Rosez and tons of networking with boss women of Houston 💗 it’ll be a blast, bring ya girls! 

Limited space available 

Location: Dolce Villa Events

Ticket Tiers

Tier 1: General Admission $10 (sold out)

Tier 2: Late to the party - $20 will be sold from January 20 till they sell out. 

Click here to RSVP

Black and Latinx & Hispanic Business Owners Needed an Online Space to Thrive: Meta Elevate was the missing piece

Friday, November 18, 2022

Black and Latinx & Hispanic Business Owners Needed an Online Space to Thrive: Meta Elevate was the missing piece

Over the years, as I’ve built a strong Latinx brand and cultivated a community of Latinx business owners, I’ve learned that businesses can only thrive with community. I started out attending conferences in Miami and LA as a young blogger and began to wonder how I could build a similar community in Houston to bring people together and to nurture connections with each other.

As I’ve grown the Spoiled Latina Summit from 75 to over 350 women attending each year, I’ve seen a new Latinx brand community thrive in Houston.

Bringing people together culturally in this business has connected the dots and allowed us to make things happen together. In Houston, we have so many amazing Black, Latinx, and Hispanic women doing big things that should be elevated and recognized. I realized that elevating these businesses was a matter of connecting everyone and creating spaces for them and their brands to thrive. I also realized that I couldn’t do this alone.

Something like this takes community and networking. With the growing online presence of Latinx brands, making these community-driven spaces virtual is more important than ever. With the widespread use of Facebook as a space to promote businesses, Meta needed to create something that would elevate Latinx businesses and make them shine.

I use Facebook on the daily to raise awareness for blog posts, to share ideas, and even to vent—It’s been a place for me to connect with my community and my family. With all the resources that Meta has available, there was a need for an online Latinx brand community space.

With this growing need, Meta recently launched a new platform called Meta Elevate. But what is Meta Elevate? At its core, it’s a platform that builds connections and accelerates the economic success of Black and Latinx communities.

Meta Elevate offers free marketing, education, and free one-on-one support. The best thing about Meta Elevate is that it takes what I was already doing with the community organically and levels it up to online spaces. Meta Elevate aims to elevate the next generation of innovators through impactful connections. 


There’s also something called the Meta Elevate Scholarship which awards scholarships to 100,000 Black learners working toward Meta Blueprint certifications: which include Community Manager and Digital Marketing Associate certifications. When I first started out in my career, I was based out of Houston, trying not only to build my own community of Latinx business owners but to find others around Houston who wanted to do the same. I was going to conferences, trying to learn about influencer marketing, and looking for opportunities to meet other brands and connect with them.

I not only wanted to make business connections, but I wanted to build a strong, cultural community. I knew that, if I wanted to do this, I had to travel outside of Houston because there wasn’t much available at the time. It was super early in my career; I was about three to four years into building my brand and I just wanted to learn more. So, I took a chance and I went to conferences in Miami and LA and I saw brands from all over the US. I thought to myself, “Why isn’t this in Houston? How can I bring this to my city?” I knew I wanted to bring this level of community back to my city, and I needed to do it myself. I noticed that there was a lack of representation in my market. After I was awarded my own day in the city of Houston, I got inspired and knew that I would use Spoiled Latina Day to make a change. I finally had the chance to bring Latinx brands to Houston and I took it as an opportunity to elevate my community and the people around me to achieve their own personal dreams.

Thinking about the opportunity, I also knew that I had to do it the right way. Early on, one of the key parts that I knew would be important is that this effort needed people to support each other. It needed to be driven by the community and it needed people to show up to make this happen—and to make it successful.

I took things one step at a time and slowly built this community going from 75 people and now to over 350 women who show up every year to attend the Spoiled Latina Summit.

I’ve grown to realize something so valuable. Brands that come out to the Spoiled Latina Summit aren’t just brands that happen to reach out to me. They’re brands that spent over a decade cultivating cultivated relationships with. Brand Managers, PR Professionals, and everyone in between had to see my growth to recognize and support me and I was going to use that to elevate others.

The Spoiled Latina Summit, is all about giving recognition and mentorship to amazing women in Houston and beyond who are in the Black and Latinx community I made a stage for these women to tell their stories and a way for them to create these spaces for more women.

I’m big on community but individual people have really helped me in so many ways. Through these spaces, I found people who believed in me and who helped me elevate my brand through partnerships. I’m still in awe of how many women come year after year to participate in the Summit and other events throughout the year.

At the end of the day, I just needed to believe in myself. I’ve learned that if you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else will. I saw a need and I went for it and it’s been so rewarding. Through these spaces, other women have inspired me and have helped to shape who I am too. With community, we rise together.

This is why platforms like the Meta Elevate hub are so important. Latinx and Black businesses needed a place online where we could connect the dots and help one another thrive. Meta Elevate is committed to supporting the Black and Latinx communities through their entrepreneurial journey through marketing education, courses, scholarships, and more.

Throughout my journey as a blogger, networking has been a major key to my success. Not only networking but cultivating relationships and nurturing friendships that turn into business relationships is so important in elevating a brand. So, when creating Spoiled Latina Summit and beyond, I strived to create a hub where people could network and meet. I wanted to see my community connect, build, and exchange money with each other and for everyone to grow on their own so that, ultimately, everyone levels up and elevates. I wanted the brands who we all supported to support us and to provide a space for them to meet the consumer and connect with our culture.

Just as I saw the vital need for cultural spaces in Houston for Latinx, Black, and Hispanic communities to thrive, I saw the same need in the online space. Meta Elevate was the missing piece.For a platform this big to be introduced to the masses is super important and such a cool thing to be a part of. My business as a blogger started in the early days of Meta on Facebooks, and now Meta Elevate has only helped me continue to grow as a brand through the Creator Studio where I can track the analytics of who looks at my pages, where they’re from, and more. There’s also an online store where I can put my merch! This has been vital to me building my brand into a nationally recognized Latinx brand. 

But what’s most important is Meta Elevate’s mission. Meta Elevate believes in empowering Black and Latinx small business owners by giving them the tools and resources they need to level up to elevate the next. The resources they are providing shows their commitment to elevating our communities and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

Brunch and Goal Setting with the Bonitas!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Brunch and Goal Setting with the Bonitas!


Every now and then we need to be be surrounded by a community of women who want to win and see others around them win. SpoiledLatina hosted a Bonitas, Boards & Brunch at Lost & Found a Houston restaurant with fun vibes and delicious food. 

The weather was perfect, and the bonitas came prepared with, iPads, laptops and mobile phones to create their digital vision boards on Canva. We thought by creating a digital board, and also making quarterly goals that it would be the best way to remind ourselves of the goals we are working towards, without overthinking the whole year and stressing out.

 Small goals lead to big dreams!

watch the video here and scroll down to see pictures 

Lanolips graciously provided all of our guests a SpoiledLatina favorite - Lip Water Liquid Gold Lip, its the perfect gloss with with gold flakes to make your lip stand out.

Why we love it?

it's lightweight, hydrating and it is not sticky!

Gift bags were full and stocked!

brunch hosted by: Sarah and SpoiledLatina 


Thank you to everyone who joined us to network, manifest and brunch! 

SpoiledLatina Day named in mitú's Top Latin/WOC Conference list

Monday, January 24, 2022

SpoiledLatina Day named in mitú's Top Latin/WOC Conference list

This is exciting news! Last year in September, mitú, named Spoiled Latina Day in the Top Women Conference/Summit for Latinas and Women of Color. What started off as a celebration of my blogs 7th anniversary turned into a city proclamation and the beginning of Spoiled Latina DayI created this event to celebrate the amazing women who often times aren't being recognized by their community. Also, as a day to give back to the community of women who follow me on social media. I created a space to not only meet my followers, but for all women in attendance to inspire each other,  to grow and build their network through mine and empower women to spoil themselves and not to forget to put themselves first. 

I think it is giving, what its suppose to give!

Save the date - July 16, 2022

Thank you mitú!

Bonitas Brunch

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bonitas Brunch


So excited to goal set with my Houston Bonitas! It’s the top of the year and we have some goals to meet, so let’s get to it! 

Join me on Saturday, January 29 at Lost and Found Midtown - we’re goal-setting, enjoying good vibes, eating some delicious food and listening to some great music (Lots of Bad Bunny 🐰) each person to RSVP and show up will get their very own Lanolips Lip Water 

RSVP by clicking HERE

See you there!! 

My interview on Sunny 99 with the legendary Dana Tyson

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

My interview on Sunny 99 with the legendary Dana Tyson

Had a blast talking to Dana from Sunny 99 for her Houston Women series on her show. Please watch for some great girl talk!

KAROL G shuts down emblematic Coliseo de Puerto Rico

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

KAROL G shuts down emblematic Coliseo de Puerto Rico

Fiercely conquering the world with every show on her "Bichota Tour," multi-platinum international superstar, KAROL made an impact with two sold-out concerts at the legendary Coliseo de Puerto Rico this past weekend. Not only did she make history setting the record time for fastest ticket sales for an international female artist for two consecutive shows at said venue, but she also connected with 30,000 fans with two of the most memorable concerts of her career.

Both shows were full of euphoric fans who sang each song from start to finish. The artist took the audience on an impressive journey of her musical repertoire, including some of her most recent hits such as "SEJODIOTO," "El Makinon," "200 Copas," "Bichota," "Leyendas," "Ay DiOs Mío!" and her global hit, "Tusa." During each show on her tour, KAROL G managed to dominate massive audiences on her own, without any special guests. However, during her last show in Puerto Rico, she was surprised by international artist Anuel AA, who joined her on stage to perform their classics "Culpablesand "Secreto.Leaving attendees breathless, this moment marked the first time the two artists shared the stage since their 2019 "Culpables Tour."

In recent weeks KAROL G has garnered great achievements for her career, further reinforcing her spot as the most prominent and innovative female artist in Latin music. Prior to her shows in Puerto Rico, the artist performed in the city of Miami, marking her first sold-out concert at the iconic FTX Arena (previously American Airlines Arena), performing in front of more than 21,000 people. Before said concert, KAROL G was surprised by Universal Music Latin with 15RIAA certified plaques in recognition of her music’s record sales, among them the Diamond certification of her album "KG0516."

Beyond these achievements, the singer-songwriter also celebrates another testament to her global reach, this time her nomination for the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards, where she is nominated for "Best Urban Music Album" for "KG0516." Karol G also recently demonstrated her musical excellence by winning the Latin GRAMMY for "Best Reggaeton Performance" for her hit "Bichota."

Karol G is expected to be in Houston on December 8, and we will be there for all fun! 

My 5 Fave Beauty Tips To Get You Holiday Ready

Monday, November 29, 2021

My 5 Fave Beauty Tips To Get You Holiday Ready


The holiday hustle is officially upon us! ‘Tis the season, whether in person or from a distance, to enjoy quality time and true connection with our loved ones. Are you someone like me who finds true connection and bonding while getting ready, Ever bare your soul while styling your Hermana’s hair? Or share a secret with your Prima while trying on shoes? If the answer is yes, you know that the real bonding happens while you’re getting ready.

That’s why we’re excited to share Spoiled Latina’s five favorite and oh-so-useful beauty tips to help you get holiday ready. Because having an “ah-ha” makeup moment - like when your Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm brings that perfect shine - is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

#1: A good base is key to a flawless, long-lasting holiday lewk

Exfoliate and use a good moisturizer before applying any and all makeup, but this is especially true for that smile! We love this DIY homemade scrub: (1) Mix brown sugar and extra virgin olive oil into a small bowl (2) Apply a small amount with pads of your fingers (3) Rinse with lukewarm water and air-dry.

#2: Focus on one show stopping feature with your makeup

We all love holiday parties and want to get all dolled up—but don’t overdo it. Avoid going all out with lips, eyes, cheeks, and hair. In other words, less is more! If you’re going for a bold lip, then go for a neutral eye. Or, if dramatic eyes and lashes are your thing, your Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm will balance with a soft dewy lip!

#3: A fresh face, and moisturizer does it every time

For daytime activities, such as getting the house ready for company I would keep a fresh face but make sure to moisturize. One moisturizer that I have been obsessing over and I know that you will appreciate is the Burt’s Bee’s Firming Day Lotion. It is lightweight and is my SPF and daily moisturizer all in one.

#4: Buy products that are multi-purpose

When you’re short on time or travel space, grab products that can serve multiple purposes. Did you know your mascara can double as brow gel?

#5: Keep your Burt’s Bees lip balm on hand and ready at all times!

Come New Year’s Eve before midnight, you’ll be glad you have your Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm! Pro-tip: Throw it in your clutch for all-night use. It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list! Trust, you will thank us later!

In short ladies, keep it cute, simple and make sure that your lips and face stays moisturized during the holiday season and spoil yourself by taking care of yourself. Click here for easy holiday Burt’s Bees glam that will have you smiling and creating quality memories into the new year.