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Red Bull Flying Bach opening and closing night

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This is the 2nd year that has collaborated with Red Bull during their #FlyingBach tour and every time is just as cool as the last. The final run of the tour took place at The Hobby center spread out into 3 shows. Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier by adding a group of dancers, mixed romance and bit of humor, hip hop music and dope moves is how I can describe the show. I was able to get some footage and pictures from the opening night reception and meet Anna Holmström who is the only female dancing in the crew. She is from Sweden, says her mother is her biggest fan and she absolutely loves nature. Video will be up soon on my youtube channel but I really wanted to show you some pictures I was able to capture.

I had to take #HTownKid because we are still celebrating his 7th birthday month and because he's into the whole break dancing and entertainment life. 

Katt with Red Bull

Marco from Houston and DJ Ill-Set

Awesome Houstonians!
Closing night and Anthony was excited to meet Benny Kimoto one of the choreographers for the Flying Steps. 
#HtownKid and REAL 
Mom, wanted in on the action too.
Mr. Sebastian 

For more information on The Flying Steps and the return of the tour, visit

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