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Interview with Suzette Quintanilla at #MACSELENA launch

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Had the opportunity to meet and interview Suzette and Chris Perez about what the MAC Collections means to them and to her legacy.
I was born in Corpus Christi, and I along with millions of girls feel we have a special connection with Selena. The memory I have of her, is when I was 9 years old living in CC and my mother working at a local radio station. Every day after school, mom being a working mom would pick us up from school and we would go to the station. There we would do our homework, watch mom work and at times my sister Kandy and I would do voice overs for one of the DJ's - not knowing I was getting my feet wet for this industry I didn't know I would be in.  One day while mom was doing her thing and I was left alone, I sat in someones desk and noticed a few telephone numbers on the wall...they read La Mafia, La Sombra, Selena....ding ding ding. I knew she had a local number and by 9 years old I also knew that the other numbers were long distance. I immediately picked up the phone, dialed and it rang. I remember my little heart was pumping with excitement and nervousness - a man picked up and said "Hello" - I tried to change my voice to an adult voice and began with "Hi, this is Yvonne with the Super Q, can I speak to Selena?" I think the man was Mr. Quintanilla - he asked me to hold...I did - than another person picked up the phone and again my little voice asked for her and she responded with "Selena just got back from Houston and she's resting, we'll let her know you called." I hung up and laughed, smiled and kept on with my day.

Now as an adult, I realize that is my personal memory of her. No one else can say they called Selenas house. lol 

Anyway, I've had these photos that I took inside the museum in Corpus Christi this last time for the Mac Selena launch.  Below is the video with Chris and Suzette, we spoke about her legacy.... please watch it and share it!

We miss you Selena!

the morning of the Selena Mac Launch

Luis Miguel

Selena's car. 
KIA the KIA brought us to Corpus. She was amazing.

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