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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Growing up and till this day one of the things I love most about my mother is her style. She is always the one dressed in something colorful, a long whimsical dress or an outfit straight off of the mannequin - she that captivates your eyes and draws you to her to compliment her on either her necklace or pant suit. I remember as a child, going into a JCPenney and watching my mommy try on clothes and shop for the family. I am definitely my mothers child, as I love to dress up just as she does, put outfits together and stay current with the trends just as she does. I love to talk to different people, and my personality is very similar to my mothers.

As I have matured and gotten older,  I have realized that I have a lot of my mothers traits and some are not my personal preference lol but the ones I love about her, are some of my favorite ones as well.  Her personality, her love for Mexico and the culture that she made sure we were aware of.  I love to feed my family the same Mexican dishes my mother used to make for us growing up. We ate menudo, pozole, enchiladas, tacos, tacos and more tacos. We listened to Spanish music and danced around the house....So now as an adult I do the same at home. I make sure my boys eat the same food I grew up on and listen to some classic Spanish music as well.  I must pass on some traditions to my son that way he can pass them on to his family when he gets older. 

 Well, Fall is here and I am excited. My summer body will go to waste this season lol with all the holiday parties that are upon us. The weather is transitioning in Texas and although the leaves aren't falling off the branches just yet, they will be soon. I will be heading out of town for the weekend to the East Coast where the temperatures are much more fall like. So I took a trip to my nearby JCPenney, just as my mother would when I was a child to find her an outfit for a fun weekend. Found some boyfriends jeans and a camo green tank. I'll pair it with something and show you the final outfit on my Instagram.

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