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Gems in Texas

Monday, October 3, 2016

The owner 

I've driven South on 59 and 77, many many times in route to and from The Rio Grande Valley.  I've also driven by Blue Sky many, many times as well but had never stopped until my recent road trip to Corpus. A cute little boutique in the center of Refugio, TX carries unique jewelry, fun clothes and Cody the owner, makes you feel right at home. Cody runs the boutique with her best friend and has owned Blue Sky for 13 years now. She started out working their and ended up purchasing the boutique. Most shoppers are travelers such as myself traveling up and down the highway who stop and shop. The big Blue Sky Mural on the side of the building right off the road is the perfect advertisement. Glad, we stopped by this gem in Texas. 

Below are pictures of the boutique and the fun clothes and accessories sold.

store entrance
These are cutest!!

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