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A day with JCPenney in Miami

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hola Amores!

I spent all of last week in Miami at the Hispanicize conference.  You guys know I am a stylista and I like looking put together. Hispanicize is held in Miami, therefore I had to plan according to the weather and the "feel" of Miami. I'm a Texan girl and Texas girls know how to dress and I am Latina so whatever we wear, we wear it well!

I started planning my outfits a week prior and took photos of what I planned on taking. Unfortunately for both you and I, my phone completely shattered on Monday, the first day of the summit and I don't have those pictures to share. However, I recovered bought a new phone and life was great soon after. LOL!  I knew I needed conference outfits and I wanted to stay true to my personal style. Often times, when people travel we purchase things that normally we won't wear in our city and therefore the items are no use after. I used to do that, not anymore! Spoiled Latinas shop smart!

Speaking of shopping smart, I totally loved partnering with JCPenney  last week for Hispanicize and specifically for Tecla Awards. I was  I documented my day on snapchat (because I am a snapchat lover and I was nominated for best snapchat story teller at Tecla Awards) don't worry if you don't follow me on snapchat, you can view the story below.

We took a trip from Intercontinental hotel to the JCPenney at Dadeland Mall. It was me, Ydelays, and Monique from Curves and Chaos. Once we got there, we were treated to delicious fruit and mimosas and a room filled with the latest fashion trends for a fun night out and lots of clutches, handbags and accessories. I was loving it!

I really liked what the stylist had chosen for me, but I had to make my way to the cocktail and party dress section just to make sure I wasn't missing out on something that my eyes didn't see. And just as predicted, I had.  I spotted a navy mid drift top and a flowy with a flair lace skirt that immediately caught my attention. I searched the shoe section and chose a corral and nude sandal and combined it with a corral color clutch I found. It was the cutest outfit! Plus I am able to wear 3 of the 4 items I wore more than once.

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with JCPenney and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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