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50 Years of Toyota Corolla in Miami

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

 I was so happy when I found out I would be celebrating Toyota Corolla's 50th Anniversary at Hispanicize this year! My first car was a Corolla, it was so cute..."my baby blue".

 I was 21, when I tested for my driver license. All of my friends had cars and licences way before me, so when my brother generously gifted me a car, I was excited and thankful.  The car was "my baby blue" she was a 4 door Corolla with a sunroof and a loud radio. She had a manual transmission so in order for me to put my license to use, I had to learn how to drive her. It took me a good week until we were inseparable. 

Do you have a Corolla memory? Did you have any girlfriends, family members or anyone close to you that drove a Corolla? I ask because 1 out of 4 new Corollas sold in the U.S. are bought by a Hispano. 

The Toyota Corolla has served drivers around the world with its dependability, affordability and evolution with the times no wonder it is the all-time world’s best-selling car. 
With a total global production of more than 43 million vehicles and sales in more than 150 countries and regions, almost everyone has a Corolla story. One of my best friends in high school was lucky and her parents gifted her a brand spanking new white Corolla for senior year. I had a group of friends, we all played volleyball at our high school and I remember the summer before senior year we drove all over the Rio Grande Valley to play open gym volleyball against other girls at their high schools . That summer it was all about volleyball, frozen strawberries from HEB (*thank me later) and kick ass girls playing competitive sports all thanks to the cutest white Corolla. We all thought we were so cute!! lol which we were.

The celebration of the Golden anniversary launched at Hispanicize 2016 where Toyota was one of the title sponsors and carried out a great activation starting with a Corolla wrapped in all white which was present for all attendees of the conference to draw or write a memory of theirs onto the car. Super cute idea, I am not much of an artist so as you can see I wrote in my memory. 

Also, a selected group of us were invited to test drive the 2016 Toyota Corolla and drive it from Downtown Miam to Biscayne Bay where we were greeted by Pat Pineda who is the vice president of Hispanic business strategy for North America and some of her team. Besides the warm greeting from Ms. Pineda, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and played some fun trivia, listened to some good music and ate a slice of the Corolla cake. 

The view was insanely beautiful, Thank you Toyota!

Want to learn about the evolution of the Toyota Corolla? Click HERE

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