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Happy Birthday to my love, my H-Town Kid!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

an open letter to my son

My heart - my one and only child, today I celebrate you and all of your 6 years of life. Anthony - It's an honor to have been chosen as your mother. Although, I was scared of being a mother and was completely ok (or as I thought) with not having children I sit in front of my laptop and type away while being overjoyed with tears...tears of mixed emotions of joy and sadness because you are growing and no longer the baby or toddler running around yelling sweet nothings all over the house.  I am obsessed and in love with seeing you grow before my eyes and becoming a big boy. I am doing the best I can to be the best mother to you and when you tell me I am the "best mommy EVER and in the whole wide world" besides making my heart melt, you reassure me that I am doing a good job at the best and hardest most rewarding job their is.

I promise to make your proud and I promise to continue to love you, spoil you, educate you and teach you the rights and wrongs of life. I will support your goals and ambitions in hopes that you will play an important role in society when you grow up. There is no doubt you will change lives and bring happiness and entertainment to the people around you as you are doing now as a child. It is my duty in life to make sure you are always and forever happy. kisses on my necklace! 

Te amo Mi Amorcito!
I love you little boy!

keeping the hat on was a struggle at graduation - 5 years old (Montessori school)

taking pictures for Mommy
5th Birthday at Disney World - Orlando - Jan 20, 2015 
being silly with his cousin
3 years old with braids and smiles
Graduating from Pre-K and happy! 

I love capturing these to catch my little man's personality and his performance at his pre-k graduation and a meeting Mickey Mouse last year on his birthday.