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5 Things You Should Know If You Plan On Dating a Woman About Her Bu$iness

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

As I've grown older, I have also gotten wiser. I am a woman about my business and so are lots of of my girlfriends and many of you reading this today. We work hard and make it happen on our own so when its time for love or dating we don't have time for the games. 
 If you are about to date a woman or if you are married and your wife has their sh*it together this is what you/men have to know. 

  1. She wants you to call her - use the phone and no that doesn't mean texting. She wants to hear your voice, and you should want to hear hers too. 
  2. She wants you to make plans - Be the man, and take charge of the "date night" and be specific...this means making plans prior to the "date, trip etc" so that she has time to prepare. Most of the time, we are the ones making decisions all day, it be nice for someone to decide for us for a change.
  3. If you are texting; respond in a timely manner - most people carry their phones 24/7 even to the potty, so their shouldn't be an excuse as to why you don't respond to a "Good Morning" text or "How is your day going?"
  4. She will tell it like it is - so don't expect her to sugar coat how she feels about you or anyone around you. She knows her opinion matters and if you are attempting a life with her, get used to it. 
  5. She wants you to say what you're going to do and do it - She isn't a drill sergeant but woman get annoyed with people who say one thing and don't do it or do another. For the love of God, follow through with your word or be gone!

Ladies and gentlemen please chime in on the comments and let me know your I wrong?!