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New Year; New You?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year SpoiledOnes! 

I am hoping everyone had a beautiful time with friends and family as did I. The holidays are always fun, this year unfortunately I didn't spend time with my side of the family. I was pretty bummed about it, but now I am looking forward to spending time with them very soon.  

So, how many of you have resolutions this year? Do you think they work? Honestly, I didn't write anything down as far as "resolutions" but I do have a few things that I want to change about myself and my routines that have been on my mind.

  • Working out: This might be the most popular among everyone. Staying on track of your fitness goals is pretty hard when you are a working mom, business exec, and CEO of your home. I mean, I can we can easily take the easy route and have liposuction than work out (which is a great alternative) but I will stick to the gym this year; set an hour long playlist or listen to audio book as I work out.
  • Blog OOTD: 2014, was a busy year for me. Lots of traveling which meant more instagram pictures and captions and less blogging. This year I will blog daily and share my outfits with you as inspiration for your daily wardrobe.
  • Read More: I bought so many good books last year, read through a few pages than one of lives interruptions happened and the book was never touched again. This year already, I have ordered 1 book and purchased 2 at the store.  I will read and share the books I read. 
  • Save money: It's so easy to buy things when you have money. This year I am grateful for my career and for my pocketbook, however I will work on my instant gratification spending that I tend to do and save the dolla dolla bills for the rainy days or the quick vacays!
Whatever resolutions, changes or habits you are improving, I am wishing you the best! If you don't follow through or something happens and you just couldn't resist, buying that bag or eating that delicious meal... don't feel bad. We all make mistakes, what matters is what you do to fix that mistake and make it work for you. 

Wishing you a beautiful 2015, with many laughs, encouraging and positive people around you, lots of success and an abundance of blessings!  

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