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JLO legally changes her name...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The beautiful 45 year old Jennifer Lopez legally changed her name to ... tan tan tan ----> 
Jennifer Lopez. Not quite the big name change your were expecting but she had taken on the name of Jennifer Muniz when she married Marc Anthony Muniz or Marco Antono Muniz which is his real name back in 2004. The couple split in 2011, but the divorce was just finalized in June of 2014. They co-parent the twins, Emma and Max. 

I am excited about reading her book "True Love" she is one truly amazing woman career wise. I was skimming through the book moments ago and I read quickly about how everyone in the world must be thinking she was living a dream... she was married to Marc Anthony, she was performing at an award show, she was on top of the world...but really her world was falling apart" her memoir True Love has made Jennifer Lopez a NY Best Selling Author as well.  

I'll let you know my thoughts on it next week...

Have a beautiful Wednesday! 

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