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My cousin inspires me

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So many woman inspire me. Inspire me to be better, dress a certain way, feel a certain way and that has inspired  "Woman who inspire me, Wednesday's" to the blog. Hope you are inspired by these stories as well. 

My mother and Jessica's mom were cousins. I remember as children; almost every summer was spent in Mexico with my grandparents. I loved going to Mexico because it was also a chance for me to visit with my cousins who came down from Chicago to spend time with their grandparents. My cousin Jessica is younger than me, and over 10 years ago she lost her mother. We became closer over our adult years; she has a son who my son plays really well with and on top of all of that we are family so the support, love and bond will always be there. Recently, Jessica has been on a mission to change her lifestyle. Her personal health lifestyle and that is what has inspired this post. She has lost over 80lbs and that is MAJOR! I asked her to write a piece for my blog to help inspire others and myself even to continue to live a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle.

"One day in the middle of my workout, a song from BeyoncĂ©, Heaven came on and instantly I began to think about my mother. My mother passed away over 10yrs ago, and I started to think about "my WHY". That "why" was and is my "reason " to change and started to change and live a healthy and fit lifestyle. When I was young and overweight my mother would always try and encourage me to exercise and eat healthy. She was trying to instill in me how important it was, but as a teenager I didn’t want to hear it, with all the insecurities I already had, I didn’t want to admit that I had a weight problem on top of it. Thinking about my mother gave me even more determination to continue pushing to the end. To many times we take life for granted and don’t realize how important our lives are. As I laid on the floor; doing my plank for 60 sec, that’s all I could think she was right next to me pushing me to hold longer, and softly saying how proud she was of me because I finally took control! I was so scared to admit to myself the damage I had already caused myself and how I was stuck. I was uncomfortable being comfortable at 280 LBS. (my heaviest). My mindset was anything I thought that could be different, was impossible but I’m here to tell you that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! I didn’t love myself nor did I believe in the true strength that lies within me, and I honestly can say that all those negative thoughts has changed. As I was finishing my workout, all I could say was THANK YOU MOM, for always believing in me and teaching me everything you possibly could. I didn’t know then, but now I do and I want to say that feeling is so rewarding knowing what I am capable of and the dreams that lie before me, are possible! SO then the journey begins… 

Love you Prima!

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