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I met Choncha The Chola and I love her!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

So this past weekend, I met Choncha the Chola ask as Cammjay. A humble Latino from the west coast who was in Houston supporting Boomcack at his make up event(previous post) Honestly, I found out who Choncha was that day and so glad I did. His energy, humbleness and desire to be a positive impact on everyone through his crazy sarcasm and wit is genius. As I sat in the audience watching him speak about himself and his background and why he is using his platform to be an influence, I felt I had to chat a little with him and pick his brain. *I filmed this the same day, I filmed the NFL post just later that day - so pardon if I'm looking a little rough. lol

Cammjay shares hilarious videos on his youtube channel that you must watch.


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