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Ya Probaste Esto/ Have you tried this yet? Giveaway!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Procter & Gamble. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I had a blast at Hispanicize 2013. One of the events that I was lucky to attend while at the conference was the invite only P&G- Ya Probaste Esto?/Have You Tried This Yet luncheon. It was very chic, the food was yummy with an array of chicken wraps, salads and a perfect pastry bar. Hispanic celebrity stylist Irma Martinez (Shakira, Daisy Fuentes, Thalia and more) was on site to share her top tips and tricks to help every Latina prepare their self, family and home for the warmer months that are sneaking up on us right now. 

Irma suggested to us some of the products she loves from the P&G family that she relies on to get her favorite look the first time around.  She also shared the seasons must have items and how to incorporate those items into our own closet. Some of her favorite products were also some of mine, great stylista's think alike.  
 Crest 3 D White products for that perfect winning smile. 

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor with 5 blades & Olay  for the perfect shaven legs, which are a must have during Spring and Summer seasons. I will say, I really wanted to try this razor and I have. I have very sensitive skin and my legs have to be extra moisturized after I shave, the extra Olay moisturizer in this razor really helps. 

 For us busy trendsetting mothers, she recommends for us to try Tide Boost Vivid White + Bright. It helps with reducing time measuring cups by simply throwing a pack in the wash. I usually throw in 2, but 1 is sufficient for 1 load. 

Downy Un Stoppables, is the perfect extra scent boosters to add to your wash. I usually add fabric softner Downy Infusions than add UnStoppables and I love how my clothes comes out smelling and feeling.  A great tip from Irma was to place some of the Unstoppables in a fabric bag and placing them in a linen closet or clothing drawer or even under your pillow for a fresh scent.

Irma showed us how a variety of looks that we can all incorporate into our wardrobe. She suggested skinny jeans, with an oversized blouse. Pastel colors, and not just the beiges are in season. We should try light pinks, purple's and mints are super cute and in style. Those colors can be paired with jeans, whites and even dark colors. 

treats at the P&G luncheon
All of these products plus including the first photo are made to make our life a little easier. P&G knows we all live busy lives, so making things a little less complicated is what it's all about.

As a gift for attending the P&G Ya Probaste Esto luncheon we were all given a $150 Target gift card to kick off our summer wardrobe!
I used some of my gift card for a new phone charger to replace the one I lost in Miami, I also bought some dresses and couldn't leave my lil man out and purchased him some toddler fashion attire.

Thanks P&G, Target and Hispanicize!

Now the BIG giveaway!! 
Win all these items simply by sharing your tips and tricks using these fab P&G products. (most creative tip wins) Leave your tips in the comments and I will pick a winner! Last day to enter is May 6th!!

visit to learn more about ¿Ya Probaste Esto? /Have You Tried Thus Yet?
You will love all the p

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