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Kardashians Took Houston- video- pics- Sears KK Spring Launch

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Kardashian sisters caused major khaos inside Willowbrook Mall in Houston this past weekend. The crowd which was way over 1500 people were so anxious to see the girls that some people arrived at 2 am to make sure that they met the fun sisters.  Khloe and Kourtney were scheduled to be making an appearance together than Kim was confirmed this past week.

The Kardashian "Spring" Kollection is a mix of animal prints, pastels, blacks and lots of style....
make sure to visit the Sears site to purchase the fab collection!

I also talk to Clyde The HairGod who traveled with the Kardashians and we talk hairstyles for the Kardashian Krew it here

love his shot of Khlo! lol 

a fan of the blog

Joy Sewing - Houston Chronicle

Clyde Haygood and mini Kourtney's

I interviewed Clyde Haygood who has been the Kardashians Hair Stylist for the past 8 years. He started working with Kim during her infamous Playboy spread. During our interview a crowd gathered and Clyde took a few pictures with his fans. 

Kim has gained weight, but what pregnant lady hasn't?

Kim knows how to work the camera, honey! She made sure to pose even when her sisters weren't. lol

The Twins in line....glad they were able to see theKK's!

Mini Kourtney's

Thanks to B.Guidry films for photos and video

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