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Wine (Columbia Crest) & Dinner

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I was invited to a sit down dinner at Haven with head wine maker at Columbia Crest Winery, Juan A. Munoz Oca who happens to be Latino by way of Argentina.

I was excited to have gotten an invite from Columbia Crest, and although my tummy wasn't too happy that evening I did enjoy my experience. I was happy to meet other social media gurus and the wine maker himself.  We ate a fab dinner paired with different wines and got to know the wine maker. Our food was even brought out to us by the head chef, how cool is that?

Juan was so cordial, he spoke about growing up in Argentina and how his grandfather and him would walk the vineyards as a child. I think its awesome how everyone in this world is different and lead interesting lives in their own right. Him being a wine maker he was so knowledgable about the different wines we tasted, obviously because he made them, but he was passionate about them. Juan also explained why Washington is just as great or an even better location for a winery than Napa Valley. Why you ask, well for one it never rains making it a perfect climate for a grapes to grow and the fact that they have their own irrigation system allows them to create the perfect wines.

Mr. Juan and I
The wines were so delicious, not dry and when I found out the prices of the wines I was surprised. A great bottle of quality wine sold between $8-15. Meaning, we can all enjoy wine and be fancy on a budget. love it!  Out of the 4 different wines we tasted, including 2010 Chardonnay, 2010 Les Chevaux Red Wine, the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite. It was a taste of cherries with a cocoa finish, it was soooo yummy! I actually need a glass right now. lol

our dinner, so good (all Texas raised & grown)

Chef Randy Rucker (one of the best chef's in Houston)

i love a table with wine glasses flowing
Overall, I had a great time, tasted some new wines that will now be purchased by myself and friends of mine. A big thank you to Columbia Crest for the invite, keep up the great work Juan!

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