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RIP Jenni

Monday, December 10, 2012

Although, I wasn't one to listen to Jenni Rivera or much of her music, I did see how the Latino public loved them some Jenni. She was always one to speak her mind, was a strong woman, held her own in the entertainment business and either you loved her or hated her but she was unrecognizable. It's kind of hard for me to write this blog post because to me, being Mexican American and the age that I am now, we haven't felt this pain for one of our own since Selena.  This whole day December 10th, seems to be dedicated to her, her life and what she has left only as memories to us, her fans.  As is sit here, I am watching her on TV as they are replaying her music over and over....

Jenni Rivera performed what was her last and final concert in Monterrey, NL. which happens to be an hour away from where I spent a lot of my summers as a child. She was said to be traveling with her lawyer, make up artist and a few others who have all lost their life yesterday shortly after  3:30am.

She left  behind 5 children and 2 grandchildren ( my thoughts and condolences are with her family) a music legacy and was about to embark in movies making her film debut next month....So sad and tragic. 

Remember to love those around you. Always show your appreciation to others, say I love you when you do, because nothing in life is promised. 

I love you SpoiledOnes! 

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