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Q&A with Celebrity Make Up Artist- Jackie Gomez

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrity Make Up Artist Jackie Gomez, has a bright future ahead of her. Being one of the top Latina Make-up artist in the industry, recently tied the night with her long time beau and working with the likes of  Beyonce, Solange, Marissa Miller & Lily Aldrige she is proving with determination & a passion you can live your dreams. Jackie, has worked with many celebrity's and even has traveled the world with some.

Q & A with Jackie begins now:

What is your must- have beauty product for the working woman on the go?

One of my favorite products for women on the go is Fusion Beauty's GlowFusion Bronzer as you can use it all year round to achieve a natural glow no matter how much time you have in your hands.

How does it feel to represtent the Hispanic culture being one of the well known celebrity makeup artists?
I feel extremely proud of being a successful Latina makeup artist in this competitive industry and I love being recognized for embracing my Colombian/Mexican background

What product do you think is essential to create a glamorous red carpet look?

The secret to achieving a glamorous red carpet look is to start with beautiful glowing skin and one of my must haves to achieve this look is the Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Powder Foundation.

Having mascara running down our face when we get into the pool is definitely not a fashion statement, which water-proof mascara do you recommend?

Definitely try my favorite Glameyes waterproof mascara by Rimmel London as it is the best long lasting and smudge-proof product in the market.

Which celebrity have you had the best experience working with and why?
I truly love all of my clients as they are all unique and beautiful in their own way, but I've had the best experience with Beyonce traveling the world with her team.

What are the top 5 essentials that a girl should always have in her makeup bag?

#1-Tinted moisturizer with like SPF #2- Mascara #3- Blush Bronzer Duo #4-moisturizing lipstick #5- Waterproof Eyeliner

7) What does the future hold for you? Should we expect any major projects from you, such as having your own makeup line?

I want to keep collaborating with the industry's top cosmetic brands and eventually launch my own makeup line.

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