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Marco Antonio Solis & Ana Gabriel concert

Monday, August 22, 2011

I had a blast at the Ana Gabriel & Marco Antonio Solis concert along with my friend Roxxi Jane, who invited me. We had 5th row Center seats, which made the show that much better! We initially were taking our mothers because they are both fans of theirs and it was a ladies night out...turned out our mothers couldn't make it so we went together which was still a fun ladies night! We walked into the Toyota Center, bought a drink and while doing so, we heard Ana Gabriel on stage, just hearing her voice and the song, both Roxxi and I literally started tearing up thinking of our lovely mothers. It was such a great show, great energy and awesome time going down our musical memory lane. 
Roxxi and I

enjoy the rest of the pics!

Ana Gabriel
Marco in Action

Excellent Show
Thanking the audience

El Poeta de Mexico

 a friendly kiss


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